Pearl Jam’s ‘Gigaton’ album now showing on Apple TV for a week

Pearl Jam's 'Gigaton' visual album now showing on Apple TV for a week

Gigaton, the latest album from Pearl Jam that was recently transformed into a visual album experience, can now be accessed by Apple TV users, free of charge, but only until next week.

Pearl Jam had released Gigaton, its 11th full-length album, nearly a month ago. Along with that release, the grunge rockers had initially planned to provide their fans with a visual album experience delivered by way of Dolby Atmos-fitted theaters. 

Those plans have since been derailed by COVID-19 — if it’s any comfort to the band, it is not the only musical artist reeling from coronavirus’ impact. Taylor Swift and Sam Smith have also been reportedly affected.

Still, Pearl Jam has decided instead to continue to try to deliver the Gigaton visual album experience anyway. But this time, it is partnering up with Apple TV, as announced through the band’s official Twitter page:

How to watch

According to the official press release, the Gigaton visual album experience will be made available to all users of the Apple TV app from more than a hundred countries across the globe.

Again, it bears saying that access is completely free, but it’s going to last only for a period of seven days, starting Friday, April 24, as noted by this tweet:

After April 24, however, music aficionados can begin purchasing or even renting Pearl Jam’s special audio and visual offering.

So how do fans get access? The Gigaton visual album experience can be enjoyed by any user who owns an Apple TV 4K, or any MacBook, iPhone, or iPad that has the Apple TV app.

Of course, to get better results, it is recommended to have a Dolby Atmos-supported receiver, as well as Atmos-compatible speakers or Atmos soundbar. 

To start listening, Apple TV and iPhone/iPad users can just head to this link

For folks who have a Dolby Vision TV, the results are even better (see next section).

Immersive viewing and listening

As mentioned earlier, for those who are aiming to get a fully immersive Gigaton experience, they need to have an Apple TV 4K that is paired with a Dolby Vision-supported 4K HDR TV and a Dolby Atmos-compatible sound system.

The Dolby Vision HDR format should do justice to the visuals — which, by the way, are made possible by the tech wizards of Evolve Studios, the company who produced the music video for Dance of the Clairvoyants, the lead single from Gigaton

As for the Dolby Atmos, much has already been said about how its 3D surround effects seem to make objects you see on the big screen (or small screen) sonically shift from one point to another inside a room. 

Now imagine that magic applied to Eddie Vedder’s voice, and the rest of the band’s always reliable and incendiary rhythm section.

Featured image courtesy of Pearl Jam 

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