Pentagon exposed videos on unidentified aerial phenomena taken by US navy

The Pentagon, on Monday, officially released declassified videos showing unidentified aerial phenomena taken by US Navy pilots. 

It is said that the videos have been circulating for some years now, but the Pentagon had remained silent about it. There have been many sightings around the world regarding unidentified flying objects but documents on their investigations are kept from the public eye.

The Pentagon has long been known to have issues when it comes to the transparency of unidentified flying objects (UFO) and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) sightings. However, at this point, the Pentagon is said to clear any misunderstandings on the videos, after it had done a thorough review.

Where and when were the videos taken

The mysterious footages were not taken at different times. Pentagon’s Defense Department spokeswoman, Sue Goughexplained that the one video was recorded in November 2004 and the two other videos were taken in January of 2015. 

The videos were then leaked to the public in 2007 and 2017 raising controversies and speculations. 

The 2004 sighting was detected by two fighter pilots while on their routine training mission. The unidentified object was already in the navy’s radar, and the navy cruiser had been tracking the UAP for weeks.

What did the UAPs look like

The two fighter pilots described the UAP as an oblong object about 40 feet long flying at 50 feet above the water. The pilots attempted to fly closer to the object, but before they can reach the object, it abruptly made an ascent and flew away.

In the 2015 footage, several UAP objects were observed. It appeared that the objects were rapidly moving through the air. One UAP made a fast ascent to the sky and began rotating in the air. The pilots have even described the object as a drone, however, there are too many of them, like a fleet.

The five fighter pilots who had encountered the objects asserted that they had a series of interactions with the UAP objects in 2014 and 2015. The sightings happened along the East Coast from Virginia to Florida while on their training missions. 

What was behind Pentagon’s release of the videos

The Pentagon had officially released the videos to clear up many conceptions and misunderstandings which were not answered from its initial release. Furthermore, the Department of Defense conveyed that the videos do not contain any sensitive information.

Before releasing the videos, the Department of Defense went through a thorough review of the classified documents, which prompted the Pentagon to forgo with the release.

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Image Courtesy of American Military News/Youtube Screenshot

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