PENTAGON’s Hui to enlist for his mandatory military service

PENTAGON’s Hui participated in his first-ever solo photoshoot with Arena Homme+ magazine before his military enlistment.

Hui teamed up with Arena Homme for a photoshoot with a concept of “long, long night alone,” which captures him walking around on a winter evening.

The pressure before enlistment

Four years after the debut of PENTAGON, the band scored its first music show win with Daisy.

Hui said that he felt a lot of pressure because it is their album before his enlistment. His members always say that it would be great to win first place before joining the military.

When Hui became a trainee, he was still 16 years old, and he is desperate after he finally debuted at 24. Back when he was younger, he is a long-distance runner, and he went on running most of his time.

Hui does not give up easily

Other people would say that what he is doing is impressive where he runs without quitting.

He thinks that it became his habit to now give up easily. If he falls over, Hui gets up and resolve the matter no matter what.

He nearly fulfilled his bucket list for his twenties, and now, he is working hard in promotions with PENTAGON.

Hui wrote many songs, he is also a fixed member of a variety show, and he even did some musicals.

Assigning roles before enlistment

Hui will enlist on December 3, and he will be the second member of PENTAGON to join the military. He talked about leaving his members behind and said that he is going after trying everything he wanted.

Recently, he shared a lot with his members, and he has been laying everything to them, from dividing roles to personal duties.

He guessed that people could call it, turning over his part, but he hopes they would quickly fill his spot as he is in the military. 


Image courtesy of PENTAGON 펜타곤 (Official YouTube Channel)/YouTube Screenshot

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