People praying for Kamala Harris in her native Indian village

Democrat candidate for Vice President’s post, Kamala Harris, is getting a lot of support ahead of 2020 election results. And it’s not just in the US.

People are praying for Kamala Harris in her native Indian village.

According to Reuters, people in the native Indian village of Kamala Harris are praying for her victory. Banners and posters can be seen in many places in the village.

A big banner showing the vice-presidential candidate welcomes the visitors to Thulasendrapuram village these days. It’s a lush, green area in South India.

The locals of the village are proud of candidate Harris and her big achievements so far. They are hoping for her huge win that will make her the second-most powerful individual in America.

“From Thulasendrapuram to America” read the banners placed on many locations in the area.

Speaking of the elections, the result day is on Nov. 3.

Voters rooting for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden

The current scenario is favoring the Democratic party, with many people cheering for Biden-Harris.

Recent polls show a big majority of voters going with a new face to see as President of the US.

European surveys of major media outlets are displaying a Democratic wave swaying the Americans.

Recently held virtual Presidential debate saw a strong fight between the Republican party’s Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. After it ended, many people came in support of Biden on his arguments against Trump.

However, it’s not a clear picture before the election results come out on Nov. 3.

Donald Trump trying to repeat 2016 history

Talking of the existing President and his efforts to a second term, there are various issues to deal with right now. Firstly, he’s been attacked constantly on his handling of COVID-19. The pandemic has already caused a massive death toll in the United States.

Secondly, most of the renowned celebrities and artists in the country are already against him. This will surely influence the voters while they go with their decisions. However, there seems to be a clear divide between the supporters of both the candidates.

Just a few days ago, a new survey revealed that voters cheering for their respective candidates wouldn’t accept the results if their favorite candidate gets defeated.

On the other hand, supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are leaving no stoned unturned root for the Democratic party. The biggest battleground right now is social media, without any doubt.

Promoters of both camps are bashing each other while trying to manipulate people’s decisions before voting.

Image courtesy of Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock

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