Perez Hilton compares Ellen DeGeneres with Oprah Winfrey, claims she’s ‘unprofessional’

Perez Hilton compares Ellen DeGeneres with Oprah Winfrey, claims 'Ellen Show' host is 'unprofessional'

Perez Hilton recently shared his grievances against Ellen DeGeneres.

During his interview with Podcast One Australia’s The Briefing, the celebrity blogger said that he was surprised that allegations against Ellen DeGeneres were only made public recently.

Ellen DeGeneres is not very nice

Perez said that everyone in the industry knows that DeGeneres is not as nice as she seems.

The blogger also said that what’s surprising for him is to know that there’s a toxic work environment on Ellen Show. And Perez thinks that DeGeneres has always been aware of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Was Ellen’s apology sincere?

However, DeGeneres didn’t do anything about the toxic work environment issues until her former employees came forward. Shortly after, the comedian issued an apology, but Perez didn’t think that it was sincere.

“She needs to take accountability, which I don’t know if she’s done very well yet. She did an excellent job of placing the blame on others!” he said.

Perez Hilton's final words for the comedian

Ellen DeGeneres witnessed how executive producer screamed at other people

Perez also indirectly called DeGeneres unprofessional amid reports that she was present when one of the executive producers screamed at other people. The celebrity blogger said that screaming at somebody at the workplace is not professional and shouldn’t be tolerated.

“I don’t think that’s the main issue a lot of people have with Ellen. From the things that I’ve read, the dozens of employees were disappointed for her not steering the ship in a much more positive direction. She was aware of what was happening. These allegations, I’ve never heard them against Oprah Winfrey!” he said.

Perez Hilton’s final words for the comedian

Perez acknowledged the fact that working on Ellen Show must be grueling because of the long hours. However, this isn’t an excuse to treat others unprofessionally and disrespectfully.

“Working at a show like Ellen’s you expect long hours, you expect it to be consuming of your life – but you don’t expect to be propositioned sexually, or any of the other allegations that have been levied against the people that were in the position of power on the Ellen show. You need to put on a good show, but you also need to make sure everyone is treated with respect and professionalism,” he said.

Perez is the latest personality to criticize DeGeneres and her TV show. Brad Garrett said that it is common knowledge that there’s harassment on Ellen Show. Lea Thompson agreed with Garett’s tweet.

YouTube personality Nikkie Tutorials, The Bachelor star Corinne Olympios, and more have also slammed Ellen DeGeneres publicly.

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