‘Persona’ 25th anniversary teases seven upcoming releases starting September


Atlus is teasing seven new releases for the upcoming Persona 25th anniversary, with the reveals noted to start coming out on September.

For the Persona 25th anniversary, seven releases are coming soon for the franchise. The projects are unlikely to be all games, which means it will be a multimedia campaign yet again. On the Japanese site, everything is still listed in images with question marks.

Persona to release more multimedia project

The Persona franchise is one of the most profitable titles for Atlus. Persona 5 itself is a moneymaker title for the company. Many of its spinoffs, including Persona 5 Strikers, are still super popular within the fanbase.

The entire franchise originally spun-off from the Megami Tensei series. The original title, Revelations: Persona, released in 1996 and started the trend for the franchise. Now, the game overtook Megami Tensei and became the more popular franchise.

Its 25th anniversary should offer many different ways to enjoy Persona. These should include not only new games but likely new animation projects too.

“In 2021, the Persona series exceeded the cumulative worldwide sales of 15 million units,” said the message on their website. “We would like to express our sincere gratitude and gratitude to all those who have watched over and supported us for a long time.

“In September, the ‘Persona’ series will finally celebrate its 25th anniversary. To express our gratitude to all of you, we will spend about a year from September 2021 this year to the fall of 2022 next year. We are preparing a lot of fun [things] for the Persona 25th year anniversary.

“We will be announcing various anniversary events such as 25th anniversary goods, various events, collaborations, and of course game information. Please look forward to it.”

Atlus likely to release new mobile title, merchandise

The Persona 25th anniversary will be something to look forward to. Players have clamored for Persona 5, for example, to hopefully come for the PC. Last year, the PC version of the Persona 4 Golden was a surprise success for Sega.

Persona Central, a website that follows all things Persona, theorizes a potential mobile release. A potential Code Name: X project should be within the list developed by Perfect World Games.

For now, there are several merchandise options for Persona. Among these include Persona Acrylic Stands, plush key chains, and even trading cards. The Persona Trading cards will have 11 types in total, with nine box arts now revealed.

The Persona 25th anniversary celebration should start this September. The website notes that they will keep releases coming until around the same time next year.

Featured image courtesy of Atlus/Twitter

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