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‘Persona 4 Golden’ to release on PC, ‘P3P’ rumored as well


Persona 4 Golden, Atlus’ PlayStation Vita-exclusive title, is finally jumping to another platform as multiple reports claim of the game’s eventual release on the PC via Steam.

The gathered information was collected from various sources, ranging from tweets and a certain SteamDB entry.

Simultaneous Announcement and Release

As per leaked data, the announcement for Persona 4 Golden’s launch was slated on June 13. The date for the scheduled PC Gaming Show 2020 where Atlus will take active participation on.

Not only will the still-exclusive PSV title going to be officially proclaimed on that day, but it will also debut on PC. Meaning, both the game being announced and releasing will coincide on the same day.

Preliminary information about the upcoming PC release was revealed by a Twitter user named Nitomatta, who mentioned a particular SteamDB listing. While the tweet itself may seem dubious after having deleted, the link which the tweet pointed to remains active.

In it, it indeed shows a SteamDB index for Persona 4 Golden, which comes with its unique App ID. The update, as it appears, was done on 2 June 2020, 18:24:45 UTC.

More Claimers

Corroborating to the ‘authenticity’ of the SteamDB update is the developer himself, Pavel Djundik, who confirmed the post.

If the aforementioned is not telling enough, two more Twitter users, Wario64 and Daniel Ahmad validated the claim as well. The latter of which reassuring that the game will release on the same date that it will be announced.

In addition to raising people’s noggin for the news, Nitomatta also reveals that the game is bound for Denuvo security. Something that a certain Denuvo page would have supported, but it, too, was deleted as well.

Another Persona Title Coming to PC?

While diehard Persona fans are already frenzied with Persona 4 Golden’s upcoming release to a new platform, another major news came. It concerns a yet another Persona title coming for PC as well.

Specifically, it pertains to the PlayStation Portable-exclusive, Persona 3 Portable. A Twitter user by the name SabiWabii was responsible for the claim. But in a surprising twist, the user chose to delete the tweet, similar to Nitomatta’s case.

With both tweets pointing to the release of Atlus’ prized handheld exclusives removed, one cannot help but be doubtful. The release of Persona 3 Portable might seem doubtful. But it is likely that the gossip about P4G holds water, at least.

In the meantime, let’s just see what Atlus has to say during that fateful day on June 13, 2020.

Image used courtesy of Official ATLUS West/YouTube Screenshot

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