‘Persona 5 Royal’ deleted valentine’s day harem scene revealed by dataminer

Persona 5 Royal deleted Valentine's Day scene

A dataminer came across a deleted scene in Persona 5 Royal that depicts an alternative Valentine’s Day event should Joker choose to court more than a single female character in-game.

The alleged dataminer is a Twitter user, pan-hime, who stumbled upon the cut off scene in the Chinese version of Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal, like its previous installments in the series, revolves around a social system. It lets the protagonist build relationship with various characters in-game.

Stealing Damsel Hearts

Part of the fun of the system is to let players build intimate relationships with the opposite gender. This sets the romantic theme of Persona 5 Royal.

Adding a layer of freedom in the system is the player’s ability to build as many relationships as possible. The intent is to get as many perks as possible through high-level relationships. But it can also be just because the player wants to be a playboy.

In Persona 5 Royal, such an option can eventually lead to a Valentine’s Day event, on February 14, where the player meets the unexpected. That is, to be in a situation where all his girlfriends appear for him at the same time.

Being a two- or multiple-timer that he is, the outcome is expectedly catastrophic. Especially not for our recklessly romantic protagonist who gets beaten up, by his lovers no less, as a result.

However, as inevitable as that event is when certain conditions are met. It appears that it is not necessarily the only one when the game was in development originally.

Alternative Valentine’s Day Event

As per the dug content, there was originally an alternative to the Valentine’s Day event. But, spoilers, it can only be achieved if the player went on the “Bad Ending” route.

To get you up to speed regarding the “Bad Ending,” it entails a certain choice to take given by Dr. Mauki. That is, to take his offer of the “perfect” reality, where everyone’s wishes come to fruition easily.

If that was not telling enough, one of the effects of the choice is to give Joker the ideal scenario about him multiple-timing. Contrary to the event in the final game, this alternative event has a positive theme and flow to it.

Instead of getting punished by his lovers, the alternative ending offers a scene of the harem in it. As dreamy as it sounds like, all of Joker’s girlfriends appear to be in agreement during the event. Going so far as to shower the protagonist with chocolates and fervor during the said occasion.

Image used courtesy of Faz/YouTube screenshot

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