‘Persona 5 Royal’ uncovered scene shows ‘All Adult’ party

Persona 5 Royal All-Adult Party Scene

A popular Persona 5 Royal dataminer has revealed yet again another scene in the game that did not see release in the final game, and it concerns a party involving all the adult confidants in-game.

Right off the bat, allow me to tell you that there’s nothing ‘adult-oriented’ event that’s going to take place in this particular scene. Only that it’s indeed a scenario in-game which comprises of adult-only confidants, with the sole exception of the protagonist.

To Whom Credit is Due

Like previous datamine leak, the uncovered scenario was gotten by digging through the Chinese build of the game. Credit goes to a Twitter user, pan-hime, for revealing the otherwise hidden content of the game that didn’t see inclusion in the final build.

Similarly, credits also go to YouTuber, Faz, for the English-translated showcase of the footage depicting the said event.

As per pan-hime, the event can take place after March 3, which fittingly meets the one in the video, showing April 20.

Minor Confidants Not Allowed

For an event aimed at displaying all of the protagonist’s adult confidants, it features the likes of Sojiro, Sae, Yoshida, Iwai, etc. Even Lala-chan, not necessarily a confidant, makes a surprising appearance in the event as well.

If Faz’s translation of the event is accurate, it seems that the point of the event is a celebration over Phantom Thieves’ success. Particularly, in the group’s triumph against evil, as organized by both Sae and Sojiro.

Making for the driving force of the event is Sae. The public prosecutor who handled the Phantom Thieves’ case. Sojiro also playing a role in bringing everyone together to kickstart the ‘adult-only’ gathering—save for Joker.

There are not much into the scene except as a recap of each confidant’s involvement with Joker. Such as the hapless protagonist being a ‘guinea pig’ to Takemi, a ‘delivery person’ for Iwai, as a political aid to Yoshida, etc.

A Tribute

The event then proceeds to Sojiro cajouling Sae into complementing Joker for his role in taking care of everybody. Essentially thanking him for taking a stand on what is good for everyone, especially the ones in the room.

Lala-Chan, while an adult, but not a confidant, eventually joins the party, making for an additional amusement to the event.

Prior to the closing of the event, a final discourse occurs between Sae and Sojiro. A scene where they talk about the ‘falseness’ of the event. Citing also that Maruki’s would have been the real thing. But altogether taking the event for what it is by actually liking it and to which Sae agrees.

Image used courtesy of Faz/YouTube Screenshot

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