‘Persona 5 Royal’—unused scene shows Kamoshida’s background story

Persona 5 Royal Deleted Scene Involving Kamoshida

Prolific and relentless dataminer, pan-hime, is yet at it again as she uncovers another unused scene in Persona 5 Royal which centers around Kamoshida, revealing something about his past.

However, unlike her previous efforts, this particular revelation will coincide with a different YouTuber, Bainz. An external person integral to the English translation of the scene and subsequent upload on YouTube.

Pan-hime did not explicitly reveal when the event should take place if it was not removed from the game. But viewers of the video footage of the scene should disregard the calendar date shown in-game. Like previous footages, it’s merely a placeholder.

This particular scene is a lengthy one, comprising of three parts. Each of which depicting different scenes revolving around Kamoshida’s life. It seems that all scenes were meant to play similarly as the flashback as seen in the final build’s January palace events.

Keeping Up an Image

The first part takes place in a TV station, filled with make-believe people, where the Phantom Thieves were cluelessly sucked in. The event subsequently unfolds to show the younger version of Suguru Kamoshida in a TV show, with two hosts beside him.

In a series of exchanges during the interview, the two hosts opened about Kamoshida’s successes, much to the two complementing him. But one that fazed Kamoshida, hinting of the lies that unwarranted the praise.

Continuing into the interview, the female hosts raised the topic involving Kamoshida’s latest victory. In which Kamoshida responded with honesty, claiming to feel nervous about it, but is contrasted by his appearance.

To which the host complimented as alluding to a scenario where one has to put on a mask when in front of the camera. Citing how it has an effect over her to ‘unconsciously’ act a certain way, striking Kamoshida as surprised. The interview ultimately ended with the female host engaging Kamoshida in a conversation insinuating a romantic date.

Lament Regrets

The second scene takes place in a hotel where Kamoshida is seen bemoaning a previous event involving the anchorwoman he dated. It is unclear in what context does the scene bases on. But it’s likely that it boils down to Kamoshida’s pretense peeling itself off and pushing him towards leaving his profession.

Birth of a Villain

The third and last scene kicks off with Kamoshida in conversation with a certain man. Drawing from the scene displayed in the previous, the theme of the discourse centered around Kamoshida continuing the guise. Fostered by a certain company who, in context, pledges to support him to uphold his false image.

The final scene ended with Kamoshida becoming too presumptuous in the thinking that he can get away with anything.

Image used courtesy of Bainz/YouTube Screenshot

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