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Peter Parker will be part of ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’


2018’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 is arguably one of the best superhero games in recent memory. Now, fans are going to get a piece of the action once again with the release of Spider-Man Miles Morales for the PlayStation 4.

Since being premiered during the State of Play for the PlayStation 5, Spider-Man Miles Morales has been the talk of the gaming community. There’s still a lot we’ve yet to know about the title, but developer Insomniac Games is slowly teasing us with more details. In the developer’s most recent bit of information, they have shared the news that would delight the fans of the original game.

Peter Parker is back

Miles Morales will be an entirely separate superhero in his upcoming title. This means he might have a different set of skills and abilities as compared to Peter Parker. That being said, Miles is still relatively new to the superhero journey. As such, he is going to be assisted by none other than Spider-Man himself.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Insomniac Games’ creative directors Brian Intihar and Brian Horton, revealed new details about the game. Among other things, they have confirmed that the upcoming game will be a full arc featuring Miles as a superhero.

The duo also confirmed that Peter Parker would be in Spider-Man Miles Morales but only as a guide to the budding superhero. They believe that the upcoming game will be a great coming of age title. Hopefully, it lives up to the expectations set by the original 2018 game.

What’s it about?

The upcoming game will be shorter than the original. The developers have likened it to Uncharted Lost Legacy. While this may sound disappointing to fans, it’s clear that the developers have solid plans for the game.

In it, Miles will have to protect his hometown of Harlem, which is caught in-between a war coming from two rival organizations. Miles will have various abilities, such as turning invisible and using electric shock. With his abilities, fans are hoping that there will be more stealth elements in the sequel, as this will truly set it apart from the original game.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is one of the first titles to be confirmed for the PlayStation 5. No exact release date has been set yet. A full sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man is still in the works, but the developers have said that it won’t come along with the release of the PlayStation 5.

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