Petition launched to stop Hideo Kojima from potential Xbox deal


Surly Playstation 5 fans are pushing for a petition to stop Hideo Kojima from closing a potential deal to develop for Xbox.

In a show of weird anger, Playstation 5 fans are trying to petition against Hideo Kojima working with Xbox. This comes after the Japanese video game auteur, reportedly, signed a letter of intent with Microsoft earlier this week.

Kojima, Xbox penned a letter of intent

Earlier this week, news of Kojima potentially working with Xbox swirled on the internet. This comes after Jeff Grubb broke the news and the hiring of Portal creator Kim Swift as senior director of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The rumors seemingly confirmed today, as reports from Gamesbeat note that this can be the case. The report details that both sides penned a letter of intent for an upcoming partnership. This idea did not sit well with Playstation fans.

Some fans launched a petition to stop Kojima and try to keep him within the platform. This comes as a vain but earnest attempt at keeping the auteur with “the winning side.”

“Kojima is betraying his loyal fans. He has been blinded by greed. We must help him come back to the winning side,” says the petition description. “Not everyone has good enough internet to stream games. Not everyone has enough money to buy a new console or build a new pc. Please Kojima, don’t leave us.”

The petition itself has around 68 signatures at the time of writing. So far, the entire petition is not gaining much traction, and for a good reason.

Hideo can still work with other platforms

The petition to keep Hideo Kojima from signing a deal with Xbox ignores a few core ideas. Much of it underscores the weird fanboyism that some players will go.

For starters, there is no deal yet. A letter of intent does not mean anything, but it’s almost as good as a potential blank check. It helps that it’s Kojima, who will likely try to create an entirely new gameplay style through his creation.

Another detail that the petition ignores is the lack of an exclusivity agreement. Reports note that Kojima will still be free to work with other platforms. While the game will likely be an Xbox and PC exclusive, Kojima will be free to work with everybody else.

All this means is that PS5 fans will still get the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding. Player concerns of not having enough to buy a new platform are bupkis too. Hideo Kojima will likely work with Xbox, and everyone needs to chill out.

Featured image courtesy of 505 Games/Twitter

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