PGL ‘Apex Legends’ Showdown is coming next month

PGL Apex Legends Showdown is coming next month

The PGL Apex Legends Showdown is happening this October 20-25. Players all over the world will have to compete to take their part in the US$100,000 prize pool.

There will be two parts to the upcoming PGL Apex Legends Showdown. The qualifiers will take place on October 20-21 in each region. The top 20 teams for each region will battle it out on the 24-25 for the final round.

There are a lot of slots in the upcoming qualifiers. North America and Europe will have 320 slots. Moreover, 160 slots are allotted for South America, Asia Pacific North, Asia Pacific South, the Middle East.

PGL will broadcast both the finals of Europe and North America. European fans may tune in to the stream on October 24, 12:00 p.m. CET. Those who are watching from NA may watch on October 25, 12:00 p.m. PDT.

According to PGL, “we are very happy to be able to deliver a top-class Apex tournament to this incredible community in these uncertain times. We love Apex Legends and we are ready to set up an unforgettable show.”

PGL is known for bringing top-class tournaments for several titles such as the Dota 2 Manila Major. It seems like Apex Legends fans are in for a treat with them organizing the tournament.

Prize pool divided among regions

PGL will divide the $100,000 prize pool into the six regions involved. NA and EU will take the bulk of the prize money with US$30,000 each.

Other regions will have to fight for the US$10,000 prize pool.


The current Apex Legends prize pool might be small in comparison to other games. However, the game has only turned a year old. It may not reach the amount that Dota 2 has unless it takes a similar approach to crowdfund the tournament.

Despite the smaller game compared to popular eSports titles such as League of Legends, the growing prize pool of Apex Legends means that it has the potential to get bigger.

With the PGL Apex Legends Showdown coming up, Respawn must step up quickly to ratify several bugs plaguing the game. Unplayable circles, resurrection bugs are still found until the recent ALGS tournament.

Images used courtesy of Apex Legends/in-game screenshot

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