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‘Phantasy Star Online 2’ finally gets a PC release date—May 27


Sega’s online action role-playing game (RPG) Phantasy Star Online 2 finally gets a date for launching on PC after being teased of a May 2020 release.

After the executive vice-president of Gaming in Microsoft, Phil Spencer confirmed during E3 2019 that Phantasy Star Online 2 is indeed expanding to other platforms aside from Xbox One, fans have patiently waited for almost a year for a specific release date.

The news of its May PC release only came mid-April when the game came to the Western region of the world as an Xbox One exclusive. Unfortunately, it still didn’t include the exact date until recently, as it is now penned for May 27.

PSO 2 finally becomes a cross-platform title

One of Japan’s biggest online RPGs continues to expand its fanbase in North America (NA) after opening its servers to the PC community next week—finally making it an NA cross-platform play.

Forbes quotes PSO 2 TEAM North America’s Head of Marketing Fred White from its official announcement:

“We’re thrilled to announce the long-awaited arrival on PC. There’s a loud and passionate PC fanbase who has been patiently waiting for the North American version – we can’t wait to welcome them in. There will be login bonuses waiting for them with more surprises planned in the coming months.”

Accordingly, the release will feature a “fully localized text and an English voice acting.” Also, there hasn’t been any supporting update yet about the game’s EU expansion.

Nevertheless, the game’s official Twitter account did confirm to an inquiring fan that SEGA has “no plans to region lock” PSO 2 as of the moment.

What to expect from PC release

The most important point to note about the Windows 10 PSO 2 release is that players’ Xbox One stats will not be carried over to the PC console—which means you’ll be starting fresh.

Also, Sega has also announced its first in-game collab with Hatsune Miku which already started today on the Xbox One platform. The game welcomes in Virtual Stars—the newest AC SCRATCH TICKET Collection.

With this, players can use this in-game currency to obtain special items such as outfits of world-renowned virtual signers—Hatsune Miku and friends, accessories, and enhancement items.

This collab is for a limited time only, which ends on June 16, 5:00 p.m. PDT. This means PC players will still have enough time to enjoy the event.

Meanwhile, Phantasy Star Online 2 is free-to-play so make sure to download it next week on Windows Store.

Image courtesy of Phantasy Star Online 2 (NA)/Twitter

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