Phil Collins dying of a broken heart, will be dead by Christmas?


Phil Collins is rumored to be sick and might not make it until Christmas, according to a tabloid.

Phil Collins, English drummer, singer, and songwriter, is allegedly sick. His health has reportedly deteriorated after tension with ex-wife Orianne Cevey. Check out the truth about his health.

Phil Collins dying before Christmas rumors

National Enquirer published a report claiming that Phil Collins is not feeling well, and he might not make it until Christmas Day. The outlet quoted insiders claiming that he “[served] an eviction notice to get her out of his Miami home,” but she refused to leave.
The tabloid added that it “sucked the life out of him,” especially that they were allegedly planning to tie the knot again. Moreover, his heartbreak was made worse by other “serious health issues.”

Collins has “frequently needed a wheelchair” in recent years. A friend also told the outlet that “it’ll be a miracle if he makes it until Christmas.” The article concluded by saying, “if his ill health doesn’t kill him, a broken heart surely will.”

Phil dying rumor debunked

Gossip Cop refuted the report because it’s not true. In fact, even Phil Collins himself isn’t aware that he is sick and dying.

The Sussudio singer has needed a cane and wheelchair to help him get around due to a nasty fall in 2016. But he is not dying. In fact, he announced recently that he will have a reunion tour with Genesis in 2021.

As for Collins’ ex-wife, they separated earlier this year after she married another man. Collins is trying to get her to leave his mansion because she took it over with armed guards. He filed a lawsuit against her, and per Gossip Cop, it might be going to continue for years to come.

The outlet also noted that using dying stories is a common strategy to get readers. In fact, several tabloids also reported a similar story about Cher dying or Angelina Jolie dying. Both Jolie and Cher are alive and well.

Lawsuit case update

Meanwhile, a judge urged Phil Collins and his ex-wife to settle their differences over Zoom instead of going to trial over claims that she and her new husband are occupying Collins’ $40 million mansion, Daily Mail reported.

Collins agreed to mediation with his ex, saying the home is hers as much as his under a “verbal cohabitation agreement.” She is asking $20 million to leave.

Judge Spencer Eig urged the ex-couple, who have two children, to settle the matter behind closed doors. Orianne’s attorney Richard Wolfe agreed that it would be “well served by an early mediation.”

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