Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ reveals daughter from past affair

Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' reveals daughter from past affair

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson surprised fans after revealing that he has a daughter. The duck-call mogul had an extramarital affair in the past and now the fruit of it has surfaced.

On Thursday’s episode of his “Unashamed” podcast, Phil Robertson revealed that he just learned he has a child from the past.

Fans who have followed their reality TV series know that Phil only have four sons, Jase, Willie, Jep and Alan. He shares these boys with wife Marsha Kay, who is also fondly called as Miss Kay. But after 45 years, Phil discovered that he has a daughter named Phyllis.

Talking about the past

For the past many years, Phil has been open about his rambunctious acts during the early years of his marriage with Miss Kay.

He specifically opened up about it in his book “The Theft of America’s Soul” wherein he said that he indulged in alcohol, drugs, and extramarital relationships.

“It’s not something I’m proud of,” he said. “I was in a dark place, but God brought me to the light.”

Unbeknownst to him though, his past actions had turned him now into a father of five.

How they found out

In the podcast episode, the Robertson brothers shared how they found out the “awesome” news of their other sister.

It was from three months ago when they first receive the potential of having another sibling. Alan revealed that he and Jase both received a letter from a woman named Phyllis.

In the letter, Phyllis claimed that her DNA test suggested that she’s a daughter of Phil. They carefully scrutinized the situation first before telling their parents.

They spoke with a cousin about the letter, who then offered to call the woman. It was later found out that she wasn’t looking for money and that she also shares the same faith.

That’s when the eldest of the sons told his parents. “Dad didn’t remember anything, no specifics about it,” Alan said. “It was interesting because Mom remembered a lot more than [Phil] did.”

Phil then agreed to take a DNA test as well to confirm and it was a 99.99% match. The family was ecstatic of the results and they easily welcomed her, even Miss Kay.

“Miss Kay” …warned me: ‘Someone will come out of your past … I think it will probably be a son,’ but in this case, she said, ‘I’m so glad it’s a girl,” Phil shared.

Phil Robertson’s daughter’s full identity has not been disclosed yet but the family teased that she will be included on the next podcast.

Featured image courtesy of Phil Robertson/YouTube screenshot

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