Phil Spencer apologizes over Xbox Series X shortages


The Xbox Series X and S consoles are expected to be sold out at retail this year. The shortage seems to be so extreme that Phil Spencer is apologizing for it.

In a recent appearance, Spencer is framing ahead that the demand for the consoles will indeed outstrip supply. He noted that Xbox Series X shortages would last for a few months after its release.

Series X and S will have stock shortages, says Spencer

The next-gen consoles and PC parts are some of the most in-demand gaming devices over the past years.

Due to the pandemic, gamers are more than happy to be inside their homes playing games. This extends to both PC and consoles.

So far, the next-gen graphics cards like the RTX 3000 series are out of stock everywhere. The upcoming AMD 6800 XT cards will likely sell out too. The biggest problem, however, will be the next-gen consoles.

The Playstation 5, Series X, and Series S will have stock shortages. The demand for the consoles is unbelievable, to the point that Spencer expects supply issues.

“We know what our supply will look like basically for the rest of the year. We’re going to have more demand than we do supply,” Spencer said in a podcast. “And I will apologize in advance to people for that.

“We saw it with pre-orders, how much energy there was, and we were basically out [of stock] in a couple of hours, which is unfortunate. I think we are going to live in that world for a few months. We’re going to have a lot more demand than we do supply.”

Xbox and PS5 will sell out for 2020

The shortage of Xbox Series X is something that Phil Spencer recently reiterated. In his different press tours, he has conditioned the market to expect problems with the supply chain. He notes that both Sony and Microsoft will sell off all their consoles for 2020.

“Let’s take this holiday, obviously, PlayStation and Xbox are shipping new consoles,” Spencer said in the interview. “We are both going to ship as many consoles as we can, and I am going to predict that we are both going to sell every console we build in 2020. And if I had another exclusive game, all I could do would be to sell out more quickly, right.

“The excitement for gaming is bigger than the excitement for exclusive games. Especially right now with Covid-19 and a high level of engagement in our business due to people being stuck at home and not physically socialising in the way they are used to.”

The Xbox Series X and Series S will come out on November 10, which is less than two weeks away. The Playstation 5 will release two days after, on November 12.

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