Phil Spencer expects the Xbox Series S to sell more

Xbox Series X and S Release Date and Price Revealed

Microsoft expects the Xbox Series S to sell more than the Series X. According to the current Xbox head, the price point will be a big sell for this console generation.

In an interview, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer tells he’s expecting good things from the Xbox Series S. The console is much-maligned online for being the “weaker” console. Spencer sees it differently, believing the price difference can make up for it.

“You would see the Series S sell more,” says Xbox head

Microsoft is less than a month away from the launch of both the Series X and S. One of what seems to be the biggest problem for them is a power difference. The two console offerings are different from each other in terms of performance.

Even then, Spencer believes the less powerful console will sell better. When asked about console sales, the Xbox head believes that the Series X will sell more first. The thirst for a powerful console is deep, and gamers are salivating for new hardware.

Between the Series X, PS5, and the next-gen graphics cards, players are ready to pay. He believes everything will fly off the shelves, and there will be a ton of unsatisfied demand.

“I think we’ll sell every unit of both of them that we can deliver,” Spencer notes of the launch holiday season. “I think demand is just going to outstrip supply of pre-orders. For us and PlayStation, I think that the manufacturing supply chain is going to dictate [market] share more than anything else.

“I think, over the generation, our expectation would be that price really matters and that you would see the Series S sell more,” he said further.

“Weaker” Xbox console better for the masses

The Xbox Series S is the much weaker console on paper. Even then, the 1440p limit for the console can work better for it. Phil Spencer believes the same.

“Being honest, the Series S has surprised me in terms of how it performs,” he said. In the interview, he talked about the frame rates and load times for the games. He notes that games run faster on the Series S because they load lower-res graphics.

Contrary to public belief, the Series S will likely be an excellent console for the masses. It plays the same games as the Series X for 200 dollars less. It will also make games look great on older TVs, which many gamers will likely have.

Console gaming can get expensive, between buying a new console like the Xbox Series S, the games, and buying a new 4K TV. The Series S offers a ton of value, even at the expense of a power cut. Microsoft should hope the performance difference won’t be too big.

Featured image courtesy of Xbox/Youtube Screenshot

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