Philadelphia 76ers, is Elton Brand genius or bust?

Philadelphia 76ers, is Elton Brand a genius or a bust?

The Philadelphia 76ers are ready to implode, and as the offseason starts for them early, they have much to ponder on for their future.

Around this time last year, when COVID-19 was still inexistent, the Philadelphia 76ers made moves during the offseason. They made a super team that looked like they were ready for a solid championship run. 76ers general manager Elton Brand looked like a genius then. How can someone so new to the front office put up such a strong team so fast?

Fast forward one year after, Brand is getting all the flak for his moves. He may even face his own demise from his position.

What is wrong with the Philadelphia 76ers?

The problem goes beyond the head coaching position. The majority of the headlines point to the idea that Brett Brown failed to utilize his team, which led to a clean sweep from the hands of the Boston Celtics. What is not realized is that the problem is also partly due to the construction of the roster.

Yes, the coach is the mastermind of the team, but he can only work on the pieces given to him. As such, he either has to adjust to the roster or force the front office to calibrate the team to his style. Brett Brown’s case was the former. However, he failed miserably. Brand said on firing Brown,

“Unfortunately, we fell well short of our goals this year and I believe it is best to go in a new direction. This will be an important offseason for us as we look to get back on track towards our goal of competing for an NBA championship.”

What can they do?

The 76ers have much to think about this offseason. They have two of the most untradeable contracts with Al Horford and Tobias, who both signed lucrative deals with the Sixers. The former is already just a shell of his former Atlanta Hawks self. He’s still effective, but his arsenal of skills is slowly deteriorating, making him a misfit in most teams.

The latter, on the other hand, is, at best, a prolific scorer, whom teams don’t see as a franchise player. Nonetheless, Brand still decided to award him with a hefty deal that also makes him untradeable.

What does this all mean? It means that Brand has to get creative. He either has to trade away these so-called assets or find a coach that can magically mesh them together. Simmons and Embiid have a future with the 76ers, all the rest of the roster could go. If so, hopefully, Brand this time makes the right decisions.

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