Piers Morgan alarms viewers with GMB alleged cancellation

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan revealed a hilarious story of how they heard the director told something about Good Morning Britain’s alleged end.

During the Wednesday episode of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan talked about the chaos he and Sussana Reid faced.

Per Morgan, their director told them something that caused them to assume that their show was being canceled.

The 55-year-old presenter went on to tell their viewers the real story behind it.

What the GMB Director Really Said

Morgan then recalled how their boss shouted an issue through their in-ear microphones. He claimed that the director told them a technical glitch on the show no one was aware of yet.

“We put it into context what we hear, you probably imagine at home there’s calm and not much going on,” he said.

The broadcaster nicknamed it as a constant stream of consciousness before calling their boss emotionally erratic. Because of this, they heard nothing but the words, “This show is hanging by a thread!”

The words caused Piers to question whether they were already being canceled or not.

Meanwhile, Sussana joined the rant and asked their staff, Erin, to tell the voice of god to tell them directly what he wanted to say.

However, the voiceover of Richard Ayoade just told them to ‘carry on’.

Piers Morgan Throwing Jokes

Aside from turning the chaos into a joke, Morgan also made an outrageous claim about his alleged marriage with Paris Hilton.

During the GMB Tuesday episode, he recalled how he once became part of a TV show in 2009, where he learned how easy it is to get married in LA.

A decade ago, Morgan and Hilton tied knots in front of an Elvis Presley impersonator. The hotel heiress donned with a veil as she held a bouquet of white roses.

Her pet Pomeranian walked her down the aisle and the other impersonator as her bridesmaid.

The broadcaster even kissed Hilton in the end.

“She’s still my wife technically. We got married in Vegas for a TV show. True story, there’s video of it,” Morgan freely said.

However, his co-presenter nicknamed him a bigamist to her surprise. Meanwhile, Morgan’s real wife reportedly felt a little bit puzzled about what happened.

Despite that, Piers remained unstoppable and joked that his kind of romance is just like that ‚ÄĒ a $300-worth of a 15-minute wedding.

Indeed, Morgan can deliver a light atmosphere to their viewers even after slamming someone in front of National TV.

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