Piers Morgan commits to healthier lifestyle to be fit again

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan wants to end 2020 and start the new year healthy that he pledged to be fit again by hitting the gym.

Most of the time, Piers Morgan would always flood his social media with pictures of him munching different foods. He also fed his body with wines and alcohol throughout the year.

However, things finally hit him and saw why he should look after his health.

Piers Morgan on getting fit again

On Friday, the Good Morning Britain presenter took some good news about his health on his Instagram page.

In the picture, he can be seen getting all sweaty as he lifts weights alongside his new personal trainer, Sarah Lindsay.

The two posed side by side inside the Roar Fitness, where the 55-year-old journalist vowed to be fit again.

He captioned the post with, “Back in the game. ps You’ll never break me @roarfitnessgirl.”

Morgan looked like he had been pushed to his limit as his blue polo shirt almost got soaked with sweat. He also donned jogging pants while holding two weights in his hands.

Meanwhile, his personal trainer made the update funnier as she points at him in the picture.

Sarah replied to his post, saying, “And vice versa @piersmorgan #clashofthetitons.”

The GMB presenter recently hired a personal trainer to help him get back on track again. He also decided to decrease his alcohol intake to cut down his weight.

Piers planned his new fitness journey

As early as September 2020, he already hinted that he wanted to be fit again.

“I’m going to see a new personal trainer, and unfortunately Celia’s taken it all quite seriously,” he said about his new diet.

He continued, “So suddenly it’s all the good stuff’s gone and all the kale’s come in and the quinoa and vegetables. A lot of vegetables. A lot of salmon.”

Moreover, he revealed that he is now down to one glass of Bordeaux at night. Piers then recalled how he indulged himself with a lot of cheese during summer.

To recall, he flew to France earlier this year for his annual holiday. In most of his vacation pictures, he enjoyed lunches and glasses of wines.

He finally found some time to work on himself again after getting busy with his new book, Wake Up. Piers Morgan also ended his half-term break from the morning show this week.

Featured image courtesy of Piers Morgan’s Official Instagram Account

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