Piers Morgan snubs ‘BGT’ because of David Walliams

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan clarified that he would rather lose his chance on Britain’s Got Talent than to work in the panel with David Walliams again.

The rift between Morgan and Walliams has not improved yet as the journalist took aim at the BGT judge.

In an interview with The Mirror, Morgan called his former colleague a treacherous piece of work. Aside from giving him a nickname, he also expressed his disapproval over the thought of working with him on the talent show.

“I do have conversations with BGT every now and again, particularly after Simon had his injury,” the GMB presenter said. “But I couldn’t work with Walliams. I think he is a duplicitous, treacherous piece of work.”

In addition, he also included Walliams as one of the people he knows who would say something to your face. Once he turns his back, the judge, reportedly, would stab his back.

Morgan to return in one condition

Elsewhere in the interview, he unrolled his demand before working on the program again.

Per the presenter, he would only step on the studio again to return if the 49-year-old comedian no longer works in BGT.

He also joked about firing Walliams personally once he gets back to the judging seat.

“I might even make it a contractual clause that I get to be the one who tells him he is fired. If I was him, I would stick to writing his children’s books,” he said.

Where Morgan, Walliams’ feud started

In the past few years, the Little Britain star has been seemingly posting Morgan’s status on his social media accounts.

Just this year, Morgan hit back and criticized Walliams more.

During the NTAs 2020, the comedian ignited boos at the O2 Arena after Joel Dommett gave the award for Serial Drama to Emmerdale.

“Nice to see Caroline Flack back on TV,” Walliams said.

Because of this, Morgan got the chance to call him out again and took his dismay on Twitter.

“Walliams’ nasty little dig at Caroline Flack went down like a lead balloon. A bit like his entire hosting performance tonight,” Morgan wrote. “Well, the NTA awards were as predictable as I…predicted, and the host was as awful as I…predicted.”

In addition, he also told Susanna Reid how his former BGT co-star “makes his skin crawl.”

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