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Piers Morgan wants Prince Harry to move back from line of succession


Piers Morgan suggested that Princess Anne should be the fifth reserve to the throne instead of Prince Harry.

The British monarchy follows a line of succession, which Piers Morgan does not approve.

Currently, Princess Anne is the 15th royal in the British line to the throne. She is steps away from Prince Charles (successor), Prince William (1st reserve), his children (2nd-4th reserve), and Prince Harry.

While the royal family follows a rule in determining the list, Piers and a royal commentator said that Princess Anne should be ranked ahead of the Duke of Sussex.

Why Prince Harry should give up his slot

During an episode of ITV’s Good Morning Britain (via Express UK), the journalist and Huge Vickers said that Princess Royal is more deserving of the spot.

“The thing about Prince Andrew is that he has not been convicted of anything yet but when he was asked to step aside he certainly did so. And he has remained very quiet ever since,” Mr. Vickers said.

The royal commentator also questioned the current rules on succession. Per Vicker, the line should be juggled since Princess Anne should be promoted.

He went on to praise the royal princess. Her great deal of support, reportedly, makes her a fantastic Queen.

Meanwhile, the news presenter agreed and said that the princess should have a higher rank on the line.

Piers Keeps on Slamming Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Even before Megxit, the GMB broadcaster has been bombarding the royal couple with criticisms.

During his interview with The Sun’s T.V. Mag, he expressed how pleased he was to see celebrities lie low. This put the frontliners in the spotlight instead.

“I don’t miss the celebrity stuff at all – celebrities have been put firmly back in their box. The real stars are the health workers. They’re the people that we need to value highest,” said Piers.

He added that Prince Harry and Meghan are irrelevant, especially after leaving their senior royal posts.

Piers added more fuel to the fire by accusing them of doing stupid lawsuits and criticizing the media.

In another instance, the presenter called Meghan, a ruthless social climber for trying to become a mega-star. He then accused her of using Prince Harry and taking him to Hollywood to pursue her plans.

“The way she treats friends and family is pretty indicative of a ruthless social climber who will stop at nothing to get where she wants to get to and I’m sure she thinks the sky is her limit,” he went on.

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