Pinay caretaker receives generous gift from Michael Buble

Celebrity IOU episode featuring Michael Buble

Long-time Pinay caretaker gets a gift of a lifetime after Michael Buble grants his grandfather’s dying wish of giving the custodian a place to truly call a home of their own in Canada.

Minette, the Pinay custodian, has been serving the Buble family for eight years.

In her revelation, Minette disclosed how she met the Buble elderlies, beginning off as a community health worker who hailed from the Philippines. After which she met Michael’s grandparents and eventually got on board to render private healthcare service.

Michael Buble, the Canadian singer who popularized the song ‘Home,’ gave Minette a renovated house in Vancouver. The house was a property of Demetrio Buble, Michael’s late grandparent, which was built back in the 1970s.

But before handing over the real estate, Michael, along with the aid of the Drew and Jonathan Scott, spruced up the place.

A Hard Thing to Break

The idea of giving away a real estate full of sentimentality is not without difficulty for Michael.

But the real challenge to him comes in the labor of breaking the house apart for the needed overhaul.

The multi-Grammy winner admitted to never having worked on buildings or had renovated in his life before the show. In his own words, Michael claims never to have ‘purposely’ broken stuff before.

Albeit as a total newbie in the ways, Michael himself lends a hand in the renovation process.

While clueless in the hard work involved, the guidance of the ‘Property Brothers’ made the project bearable. Consequently, paving the way to a home that feels stylish and new for the recipient.

So much so, that the difference between the before and after images of the place is conspicuously stark.

Avid viewers of HGTV will recall a previous episode of Celebrity IOU, where Buble was featured helping with the renovation.

Celebrity IOU is a TV series that typically covers Hollywood A-listers, where they show gratitude to the people who impacted their lives positively. Not with monetary rewards, but with home renovation.

An Unexpected Blessing

At the time vacationing in the Philippines, Minette had no idea what was taking place while she’s back in her home country.

Before departing Canada for a needed break, Minette was put on film as part of the overall scheme. But she was not informed of the video’s actual purpose.

Holding a camera, Michael told Minette to be on film for a documentary involving the Buble household. Not knowing it will be used for the episode in Celebrity IOU.

For someone who pays rent to suddenly a real estate owner, Minette appears much elated about her gift.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Albert2

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