Pinhead from ‘Hellraiser’ is making his debut in ‘Dead by Daylight’


Everything sinister is going to join the gameplay of Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight is one of the most anticipated horrors and thriller games of the year. As the game is nearing a launch, there are multiple additions of new characters to the series.

As such, the newest has been the Hellraiser component, Pinhead. Players know Pinhead to be a ruthless and cold-blooded opponent.

He is the one who will defy and finish everyone who comes and dares to cross his path.

Who is Pinhead?

One of the most gruesome things done by Pinhead is the level of torture he subsides to the captives. Multiplayer dead teenager simulator Dead by Daylight has previously added a lot of killers to the list. Names such as Pyramid Head right from Silent Hill 2 and Ghostface Killer from Scream are the most particular additions to the game.

Especially the whole gaming community had rejoiced when Nemesis, the worthless cold human-killing machine man, was added from Resident Evil 3. Hints about the new killer who is going to join the game have been evident in the community.

Some audio files are posted on Discord itself and which hints about the potential release. Especially the letters which are posted to Twitter that are spelled out as RAISE.

Is adding Pinhead going to be a win-win for the players?

Pinhead, at a short glance, might not look like the one players should be worried about. But one who has witnessed his acts on Hellraiser does know that he is not an easy leave.

Pinhead is especially known for his cold-blooded apprentice. What keeps him differentiated from the rest of the killers is the pins and needles stuck on his head. So expect Pinhead to be a part of the series.

The S&M Hell Priest from the Clive Barker movie will be the next killer of Dead by Daylight. One of the main things about the killer is that he has a thing for hooks. Specially which suits the game, and the only target people here would be Cenobites.

There are some mysterious puzzle boxes that players might find in the game, lying around in the corner. This is a signature move of the killer, which sets off his victims to run for their lives.

Anyone who has seen the movies might think that it was all for a wrong summer camp. A group of friends, camping in the summer and the woods, what could not go wrong?

Some of the players have taken to Reddit and shared their opinions as well. Dead by Daylight is one of the main series which have a league of villains. Players do have an independent choice of choosing the one they would like. Some of them have said that including the killers from Five Night At Freddy’s is a good option.


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