Pinterest records maximum downloads due to iOS14

Ever since Apple launched the new “sort-of customizable” update for its iPhones, the iOS 14, users are going crazy over the level of customization they can now make.

The customization feature that dedicated iPhone users have been using is now something that will let them enjoy more in the newest iOS14 update. The matter led some users to copy content from social media websites like Pinterest.

Pinterest broke its record for its daily downloads from the website due to the sudden spike of demand for design elements and ideas for iOS14.

iOS14: What’s new?

The new features brought by iOS 14 include features from Android, like Widgets, Application Library, and Shortcuts.

The Application Library consists of all the applications categorized in folders. The new feature means that the user does not need to have all of their applications on the home screen at all times.

The Widget gallery allows the user to add useful widgets to their home screen. They can add widgets from applications like weather, messaging, and even install third-party applications.

One of the most awaited features that arrived on Apple devices is the Picture-in-Picture mode for Video Player applications. The command allows the user to do multitasking while watching a video. However, it exempts YouTube.

On top of the significant changes, Apple also introduced features like the new Translate application, Applications Clips, and a few updates in the Messaging application, as per 9to5Mac.

Customization Storm

According to a report by Tech Crunch, the new iOS14 update is famous for its customization features, especially among the “Gen-Z” users.

Apptopia, an Application Store intelligence firm, was the first one to note the surge in downloads for Pinterest, and co-relate it with users wanting ideas and sources to make their iPhones prettier from the inside.

According to the data provided by Apptopia, Pinterest recorded 616,000 new installs worldwide on September 21, creating a new record for itself.

Furthermore, another third-party vendor claimed that Pinterest crossed their previous record the day before.

For the time being, the data given is only an estimate as Pinterest is yet to release the official figures.

In addition to the surge of content downloads experienced by Pinterest, the social media platform also saw a rise in its application from the App Store. Reportedly, Pinterest jumped from the 47th spot on September 18 to the top ten list on September 20.

Third-party data also conveys that Pinterest might have ranked the first spot, but not long enough to make it the “app of the day.”

Image courtesy of Nopparat Khokthong/Shutterstock

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