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‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’: Will Karen Gillan replace Johnny Depp?


With all the issues Johnny Depp is facing, there are rumors he may not be part of Pirates of the Caribbean 6. There are hearsays Karen Gillan will replace his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow, and fans are not fond of the idea.

Karen Gillan may play the role of Redd in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, replacing Johnny Depp’s famous character. However, if this happens, it looks like fans are going to rally.

An alleged movie reboot

It has been three years since the last movie franchise installment was out. There were rumors that the 56-year-old actor was kicked out from the movie series, and Disney was looking to make a reboot. If this happens, The DisInsider revealed that it might have a female lead.

Kare Gillan is, reportedly, the top choice to replace Jack Sparrow as Redd, the red-haired female pirate. Hence, there might be no chance for Amber Heard’s ex-husband to make a triumphant return since it’s a reboot. Anyhow, fans don’t buy it.

The fans’ rally

Fans tried to make the hashtag #NoJohnnyNoPirates trend to show their support to Johnny Depp and his possible return to Pirates of the Caribbean 6. “If they do it without [him], it won’t have an audience,” one fan said.

Another one supported this sentiment, wishing Disney the best of luck if Captain Jack Sparrow never returns. “Dear Disney, I have only one thing to say to you right now: good luck at the box office. Sincerely, your former audience,” he said.

A different follower, too, stressed that the actor-musician doesn’t need Pirates of the Caribbean; it’s the movie that needs him. Some say that it’s also absurd to make a new movie installment without one of its original characters that make the film famous.

A Gamble For Disney

According to Express, it’s quite a gamble for Disney if it will reboot a billion-dollar franchise without its major star. But, an insider revealed that it might do a spin-off with a female character lead. She may even team up with Johnny Depp if Pirates of the Caribbean 6 goes into production.

“Karen Gillan’s ‘Pirates’ #Film is not ‘#PiratesOfTheCaribbean 6’,” movie insider and film editor Vahn tweeted. “The sixth film would be a direct continuation from ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ [Salazar’s Revenge in UK], and it’s to be the finale with a massive scale conclusion.”

However, it remains to be seen if Karen Gillian is now in talks with Disney to do the alleged reboot. It’s also unclear if she will work with Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

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