‘Pitch Perfect’ Barden Bellas reunite to help kids in Lebanon via UNICEF

'Pitch Perfect' Barden Bellas reunite to help kids in Lebanon via UNICEF

An unexpected reunion from the cast of Pitch Perfect happened online. The Barden Bellas serenaded the online community for a very good cause.

It’s the same energy that the Pitch Perfect fans are very familiar with since 2012 when the first movie came out. The cast of the hit movie got together to offer another acapella reimagined classic song from Queen B (Beyonce) herself, Love on Top. 

For those who have been long searching for a Pitch Perfect cure since the last movie installment came out in 2017, this is definitely the answer, and purchasing their hyped Acappella version would help kids in Lebanon—among others.

The charitable Pitch Perfect performance

Elizabeth Banks, both a co-producer and a co-star of the movie, posted a video on Instagram on Monday, headlining the caption with, “Pitch Perfect Reunion.”

The video first featured Banks portraying her character as Gail Abernathy-McKadden with her on-screen co-anchor, John Smith (played by John Michael Higgins) as they introduce the Barden Bellas once again.

John opened the video, saying:

“I’m afraid I have bad news, the Barden Bellas have gotten back together…again. It seems that not even the quarantine could prevent them from harassing us with another musical performance.”

And of course, Bank’s character replied with a snide comment towards her co-host, saying, “John, you have a cold dead heart”—a witty interaction that many of their fans have come to love over the years.

Banks continued to confirm that the Bellas are back to support UNICEF in the hopes of helping the children affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most specifically, the group aims to help the children of Lebanon.

Readers should note that Lebanon faced quite the devastation earlier this month after the twin explosions happened in Beirut port, leaving thousands injured, and most of the buildings wrecked. Universal Pictures captioned the same fundraiser video on YouTube, with an excerpt that reads:

“There’s nothing perfect about the world we’re living in. Families around the globe are suffering from the impact of the #COVID19 pandemic, especially those in Lebanon who are facing crisis after crisis. But we can all pitch in and help. “

Cast expressed excitement over charity song

The Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect has individually expressed their excitement with getting back together for a great cause. Anna Kendrick, who played the lead role of Becca Mitchell, expressed her excitement during the video performance when she pulled up a sign that said, “I miss you guys so much!”

Britanny Snow, who played as Chloe—the co-captain of Barden Bellas, also shared their charity song on her Instagram, headlining the caption with, “These pitches are back. Whether you like it or not.”

Along with Kendrick and Snow were Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Camp, Hana Mael Lee, Kelley Alice Jakle, Shelley Regner, Alexis Knapp, and Chrissie Fit. All were filmed in their quarantine state.

Featured image courtesy Universal Pictures/YouTube Screenshot

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