Pixel 4a and Pixel 4A XL devices may dominate or break the marketplace

The Pixel 4a and the Pixel 4XL are two of the most anticipated phones of the year. The new budget from Google may make or break the company’s smartphone line for the future.

The smartphone trend for 2020 is neither big camera phones nor super powerful decked out phones. Instead, this year is going to be the year when smartphone companies realize the value of the mid-tier affordable phones.

OnePlus is going to launch its own mid-tier phone later this year with the OnePlus Z. Apple on the other has already started a huge trend with the iPhone SE. The new budget phone is actually doing very well in the market.

Google will have to face tough competition when it releases its own mid-tier phone, and they have big expectations to fill.

Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A XL phones to be released

No rumors about the Pixel 4A and Pixel 4A XL have been confirmed nor denied by Google. Nevertheless, the company is expected to release two models of the phone. One smaller size at 5.8-inches and the bigger one coming at 6-inches. There is still no guarantee that the XL version will hit the shelves as the Pixel 3A XL’s sales last year was underwhelming.

Pixel 4A may run the latest Android 11 OS

Google has been known to roll out to Google Pixel devices its latest Android updates. This year, fans might be seeing Google release the new Pixel 4A phones with Android 11 straight out of the box. The timing will be perfect as Google is expected to announce the release of the Android 11 within the same time frame of the Google Pixel 4A’s release.

It would make a lot of sense for the company to sell the new device with the latest Android 11 to attract customers.

Two camera-setup and a hole-punch selfie camera

The Pixel 3A followed the footsteps of its more powerful brother, Pixel 3, in terms of the camera setup. This year, Pixel fans can expect that the Pixel 4A will also have a dual-camera setup. The front-facing camera might adapt the hole punch setup following some Pixel 4A wallpaper samples.

Google doesn’t follow the sound of the pied piper in terms of the number of cameras. The company is quite confident that less is more in their setup. It relies on the phone’s powerful camera computation to render the top of the line photos.

Pricing of the Pixel 4A will be within the mid-tier range

Last year, Google released the Pixel 3A and the 3A XL within the AU$649 price range. It wouldn’t make sense for them to veer away from this price point as the mid-range category normally hovers on this range.

Nevertheless, should it actually be released at $649, that would mean that it may attract users who are considering buying the iPhone SE. For a lower price, users will get a bigger phone with better hardware.

Image courtesy of Vantage_DS/Shutterstock

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