Pixel 5 review: Should you buy the Google Phone?

Pixel 5 Review: Should You Buy the Google Phone?

A top of a notch Google Phone, the Pixel 5’s premium specs come with a price-letting go of other features. But over-all, is it still worth buying for?

Google has a magical touch to its phone segment, and fans of its Pixel phones are always on the look-out for what could be the company’s next move. The latest is the Pixel 5- a not-so-cheap phone that is packed with powerful camera shots.

Google, since the launch of Pixel 5 seems to have shifted its path by producing premium tech products into high to mid-level. As we mentioned, the Pixel 5 is an example of how to start. You can have a premium phone for a lower price. But premiums are limited in numbers.

The Pixel 5 is packed with an OLED panel display, a quality camera, longer battery life, and comfort design suited for daily errands and people’s lifestyles. Aside from these premiums, one of the perks is extended software support and limited Pixel tools for users.

Pixel 5 Price

The Google Pixel 5 is the priciest Pixel Phone this year, at the price of $699 for starters. But it is still the cheapest among its competitors like Apple and Samsung, according to Laptopmag.

Pixel 5 Review: Should You Buy the Google Phone?

Storage for the Pixel 5 is 128GB, not expandable, and there is no storage upgrade available. In terms of colors, it comes in black and a pastel color, Sorta Sage.

The 90Hz refresh rate for Pixel 5 is one of its wonders. The device’s AMOLED display is packed with FHD plus (2,340 x 1,080 pixels) on 6.0-inch. The 90Hz gives its users a smoother display compared to 60Hz.


It’s insufficient. The audio quality of Pixel 5 is not that good compared to Pixel 4. As part of letting go of other better features, the speaker is one of them.

When you watch a video on YouTube or a movie, you can quickly notice small-scale and distorted audio. But still, it is suitable for calls.


The newest phone of Google is equipped with Qualcomm SnapDragon 765G chip, downgrading its performance compared to other devices that are using SnapDragon 865.

The Pixel 5 is a sign that Google is conceding to the extreme perks segment, and this could cause an off for its customers. For this part, Apple is still leading with its A14 Bionic processor for iPhone 12 models.


You complained, Google listened. The Pixel 5’s battery life can last up to nine hours or more and with 90Hz being enabled. After the disappointments of Pixel 4 users, Google was able to pull this off with an hour-long battery life extension. Also, 5G powered phones could dry up your battery easily.


Computational Photography is what makes Google the best in terms of high-quality cameras. Though there was no significant improvement on Pixel 5’s camera, it is still the best with 12MP f 1/7 for the main where you can capture vivid images.

Android 11

As we mentioned in the first part of this article, the Pixel 5 supports a long-term software update capacity—a future-proof for those who don’t want to buy a new phone every year.

Images used courtesy of Jimmy Tries World/YouTube Screenshot

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