Places people never thought to put up Google Home 

Google Home smart speakers and displays had a price drop recently. It is now the best time for people to buy Google home at a lower price. Together with its surprising price drop are surprising places to put them on.

Google Home is a powerful speaker and voice Assistant developed by Google LLC. People can play music in it, ask questions, and even control devices through speaking. Google Home is capable of playing music; its primary usage is its voice assisting feature.

It is also called a personal assistant with the use of artificial intelligence. It is the one making Google Home capable of understanding commands and obeying it. Its great rival is Amazon’s echo.

Given that Google Home is a powerful device, users are enjoying it. These devices are also placed in rooms where users want to feel relaxed. But other places are beneficial if Google homes will take its place. An author named Dale Smith outlined the odd places where Google Home can be useful.


Google Home users can put their device in a bathroom. But this device is not water-resistant. Thus, it is necessary to put it on a shelf or the wall. The shelf or wall should not be near to the shower, bathtub, or sink.

Having Google Home in the bathroom will help users in many ways. While having a shower, users will still be able to enjoy listening to music, news, or podcasts.

It also helps in better time management. Google home has a timer. So users may ask the current time. If not, they can check the duration of their bathing session.


Putting google home devices in a garage will give users convenience. Users can ask for weather and traffic status. Users can also turn all google home devices inside in case they forgot to do so before exiting their house.

Home Office

According to Dale Smith, this place is not very odd. Yet he included it into his outline for users who never thought about its benefit.

Google homes in in-home offices are usually placed near the home computer. With this setup, users can control music without the use of a computer. It reduces the hustle of switching from one window to another.


Placing your Google Home in a foyer may add up home security. You can connect it with your other Google Home devices. Then you will receive a notification when somebody rings it.

Front Porch

With this setup, users can listen to music while doing outdoor activities. It is another advantage of having it in a foyer. Users can ask Google any time and play music on command.

These are the five places where users can put Google Home devices. These are all optional. But customers could maximize its use within these places.


Images courtesy of Antonbe / Pixabay, Asotac / Pixabay

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