Planned bitcoin farm in Montana to be powered by solar energy

Cryptocurrency miners in Montana have pledged their support for the Butte 300-megawatt Basin Creek Solar Project that is expected to supply energy for an expanding data center in the area.

With regards to this matter, Madison River Equity LLC will exert effort in applying for a special use permit from a Montana zoning board next month in order to proceed with the building of one of the biggest solar farms in the United States. The solar farm will be located in a private ranch in Butte.

The project is considered a welcome development especially that the cryptocurrency mining industry is being slammed consistently for its supposed negative effects on the environment.

Part of a bigger business strategy

FX solutions, as it turns out, is looking to expand its capacities while reducing its expenditures and it is leveraging its sub-entity Madison River Equity.

The company built and operates the Atlas Power data center located near the area of the proposed Butte project. It is involved in cryptocurrency mining and is on the verge of expanding its Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

If its sub-entity succeeds at acquiring special permits, Atlas Power will buy the Basin Creek Solar Project and utilize the solar array to power its mining operations as it only possesses a 750-megawatt permit from the state for its operation.

End goal and community worries

The project is aiming to completely power the mining facility with solar array energy and to put the excess power on the grid.

Developers claimed the solar farm will have the capacity to power around 40,000 homes, which is so much bigger than the actual 15,000-home count in Butte.

Meanwhile, residents are worried about the potential impact on their community of the project especially crucial infrastructures that have yet to address their carbon footprint, and already, a renewable project is set to be built on the area.


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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