Planned ‘Indivisible’ contents, DLCs cancelled as Lab Zero Games sees dissolution

Indivisible trailer snapshot

Following an official announcement stating the breakup of Lab Zero Games, the brainchild project, Indivisible, is seeing cancellation of future contents, including DLCs.

Despite promises to bring in more content to the game as a result of fervent supporter backing, the game will officially stop getting updates. This effectively cuts off the chances of the game getting guest characters as well as backer-created personas.

However, as the Switch version lags behind its counterparts, a submitted content would still be subject to rollout. Once implemented, it will see the hybrid console rendition up to par with other platforms, in terms of content. Particularly, the Switch version will see the addition of the New Game+, Razmi’s Challenge, and Couch Co-Op.

The latest update itself will start launching later in the month, beginning Oct. 13. Initially, to roll out in the United States, other regions will follow suit not too long after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the official announcement, 505 Games also included a list of frequently asked questions to answer some common questions.

One of the main highlights of the FAQ is the topic about the IndieGoGo Backer reward, that is, the Ajna/Heruka statue. A promise it could not break, the said tangible prize would soon enter production, with 505 Games shouldering the cost. The reward’s availability, however, is still subject to future disclosure.

With Lab Zero Games officially defunct, many had concerns as to the game’s availability on its running platforms. Specifically, the digital storefronts at Steam, PS Store, and the Microsoft Store. The FAQ, however, claims of the digital game’s availability still.

The same is also true with regard to the physical version. Originally reported as “canceled,” the North American market will finally see physical release for the game, albeit at a limited capacity.

Lastly, for issues regarding the redemption of the game or digital reward via code, the FAQ encourages affected users to bring their respective issues to [email protected].

“Indivisible” in a nutshell

Described simply as a “game of diversity, inclusion, friendship, and evolution” in the official statement, Indivisible is a game that is clearly inspired after some games. One is the platformer aspect, which sees the protagonist moving and leaping from one place to the next. Another is a turn-based combat style pioneered by then-tri-Ace’s Valkyrie Profile.

Said to be in the works for “many years,” the game saw an initial release back on Oct. 8, 2019. Indivisible soon saw a follow-up launch on the Nintendo Switch on Apr. 28, 2020, and in Japan on Jul. 26, 2020.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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