Platinum Games reassures fans that ‘Babylon’s Fall’ is still in development

Platinum Games reassures fans that 'Babylon's Fall' is still in development

Japanese developer Platinum Games just popped in to remind fans that their long-dormant third-person hack and slash title Babylon’s Fall is definitely still being worked on.

In 2018, Bayonetta developer Platinum Games announced that they’d be partnering up with legendary video game company Square Enix for an upcoming PlayStation 4 and Steam exclusive called Babylon’s Fall, which was expected to release sometime the following year.

The game pretty much fell off the edge of the earth soon after, only resurfacing towards the end of 2019 with a gameplay trailer that was shown off at a Japanese PlayStation event called the State of Play. This time around Square Enix promised, “more information next summer.”

The development team’s latest message

Fast forward to July 13, 2020, the devs peeked in once again with a short message about how they hoped to provide fans with more info about Babylon’s Fall but unfortunately could only confirm the fact that the game’s development was progressing well, and that the team was under work-from-home protocols.

The statement continued by stating how much the devs are excited to show off more of the mysterious title as soon as possible.

As expected, this proved to be quite the letdown for fans eagerly awaiting news of the upcoming hack and slasher, as most gamers expected perhaps some story information, more gameplay, or at least a proper release date.

What we know about Babylon’s Fall so far

The game was unveiled during Square Enix’s 2018 E3 segment and featured a rather confusing announcement trailer that seemed to quickly breeze through the game’s timeline.

Gamers were given a glimpse at some of the game-world’s often over-the-top milestones, including an apocalypse, a World War, the birth of a Goddess, and the day that very Goddess turned against mankind.

The penultimate stop in the timeline was called “The Awakening,” which was described as the birth of the “Nomads.” From there, the video switched to a brief cinematic with heavy Dark Souls vibes, showing a gargantuan suit of armor being taken down by a battle-scarred knight.

Finally, the screen shifts to the last stop in the timeline known as “Rebirth,” which is when the “Nomads” lead humanity in a war against Gaia, and most likely the time the game begins.

From watching that trailer alone, one would assume that Platinum Games and Square Enix were coming up with a Souls-like adventure of their own, right? Wrong.

Its development team gave the world a glimpse at Babylon’s Fall in action, and it looks a whole lot more like a cross between Platinum Games’ very own uber fast-paced Bayonetta series mixed with the stylish swordplay of the more recent Devil May Cry games.

The only thing remotely Souls-ey about the upcoming slash ’em up would be the distinctly Western-themed bleak and dreary aesthetic.

That’s not to say that Babylon’s Fall doesn’t look incredibly fun to play, because it does. Let’s just hope that Platinum and Square Enix give fans something more concrete next time.

Featured image courtesy of BABYLON’S FALL/Twitter

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