Play as your favorite Marvel superhero in ‘Fortnite Nexus War’

Iron Man as a skin in Fortnite Nexus War

Fortnite has just entered its new season with the launch of the Nexus War, which brings in familiar characters from the Marvel’s Avengers universe, including its main villain Galactus.

Arguably one of the biggest and most exciting reveals in the franchise, Nexus War sees players playing as their favorite Marvel character. Players who will purchase the latest battle pass will get to have access to new skins. The variety includes costumes for Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, and a slew of other heroes from the Marvel universe.

Of the aforementioned, Wolverine will be making a later appearance to the game.

Beautiful and Functional

More than just mere cosmetics that give players a new look, each costume also comes designed for unique functionality, too. For instance, wearing Iron Man’s costume lets you switch between the billionaire playboy and the actual Iron Man himself. Another would be Mystique, whose uncanny talent for mimicking will let you imitate opponent at a press of a button.

We can be assured that switching to fully armored Iron Man will have no bearing in terms of damage intake. Which, otherwise, would tip the balance of the game and even potentially see an influx of Iron Man users.

As for Mystique, it mostly boils down to the amusement of pranking another player by seeing an exact copy of themselves. Maybe with a slight advantage of confusing an enemy. A kind of novelty that is not possible in any other character aside from this blue-skinned Marvel figure.

A Reasonable Entry

Fortnite is not a stranger when it comes to tie-ups. But the Marvel’s Avengers’ entry in the game is not without logical explanation. Which, in the form of an in-game comic book, explains why the company of Marvel superheroes got sucked in a strange new world of battle royale. An event pre-empted by the drawing of both Thor and Galactus into a rift, representing the two opposites of good and evil.

Other New Contents

Aside from the added aesthetics, there are also other new contents that allude to the Marvel universe. One is the S.H.I.E.L.D Heli carrier, which acts as the new spawn island. Another is the Sentinel Graveyard, which, put literally, is a place where vestiges of the Sentinels are at.

There are tons more of contents to see in Fortnite Nexus War, which you will see in the video above.

Donald Mustard, Fortnite creative director, is enthused with the collaboration, citing that everything taking place is “all connected.” Seemingly also in planning for some time now and is, therefore, “about to kick into overdrive.”

Image used courtesy of Epic Games

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