Play defensively, effectively using Steve’s crafting table in ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest fighers: Minecraft's Alex and Steve

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sees another extension to its roster of fighters when Minecraft’s Steve, Alex, Enderman, and Zombie were introduced to the game recently.

Although each is but just a reskin of Steve, their similarity in move set makes the Minecraft crew both tough and powerful character to use or deal against.

With attacks that can either fling an opponent flying sky-high or drag them to their fall from the stage, each of these new characters is deadly. But these fighters are more than just a force to reckon with in terms of offense. They’re formidable in defense, too. Which, depending on perspective, could either be at the player’s advantage or frustration.


A reliable means of defense

This strong defensive capability draws from a seemingly innocuous element that accompanies their presence. Which, from the outset, is built especially for a single purpose. That is, for the Minecraft character to do what it does best, aside from fighting—to craft. If that cannot get any more obvious, it refers to the crafting table.

The crafting table having the ruggedness of a stalwart shield may not be intentional. But it does serve the purpose just the same. With durability that can take twice the hit from Luigi’s Green Missile, there’s no denying that the crafting table is tough—considering the fact that it’s that kind of attack that can literally send an SSBU character flying, regardless of the size.

Crafting Table is OP from smashbros

To put credit to the claim, a Redditor named VG_Chat posted a video showing how sturdy the crafting table truly is. In the post is a brief video which displays Steve in a match against Luigi. The latter of which doing his signature move and hitting the crafting table, requiring to do the same act twice.

Although truly a message worthy of attention, it is worth noting that the unintended design to disrupt the balance in the game. That fault would probably lie elsewhere.

A balancing act

The crafting table is not necessarily indestructible that could render Steve or any other player totally safeguarded by it. To a certain extent, it would and could even be employed in a tactical manner to the player’s advantage. After all, each of such characters is capable of summoning the crafting table as needed.

Another reason to point is that the crafting table is not necessarily all-encompassing for defense. For the most part, it only shields those which are at the opportune side of it. That is also considering a 2D plane at a very close range. Any farther than that would already leave a space that is vulnerable to attacks.

Even if put to one’s advantage to the point of abuse, it’s quite a guarantee that no winning SSBU player ever comes from playing too defensively. So, there’s that to consider as well.

Image used courtesy of GamersPrey/YouTube Screenshot

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