Play Shadow Op in these ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ MGS-Inspired costumes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Metal Gear Solid Costumes

Ever feel like turning your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons into its version of Shadow Moses?

If you are a fan of the Metal Gear franchise, chances are you do.

Having to transform your island’s landscape to become a subsistent landmass filled with soldiers and a giant mech may be an impossible feat. But you can always custom-tailor your avatar to look like Solid Snake or any Metal Gear Solid-related figure, giving the game its unique vibe.

As it appears, you will not be the first one to want to think it that way. As plenty Metal Gear Solid fans have already gone their way to create costumes inspired after one of their favorite games.

From Psycho Mantis to the cyborg Gray Fox to “Big Boss” himself, etc., there’s a lot to choose from to suit your fancy.

Naked Snake

Before taking a path that subsequently led to his infamy, “Big Boss” was formerly a soldier called “Naked Snake.”

What better way to pay tribute to MGS’s greatest soldier than with an outfit he wore in MGS3?

  • Sneaking Suit: MO-Q5P8-KHWD-S8QV
  • Bandana: MO-4645-42CR-2D5V
  • Camo: MO-TM2B-B7XX-9YQ5

Kazuhira Miller

Miller’s plight as a running member of the MSF caused him an arm and a leg. But you do not necessarily have to lose important limbs to wear this costume.

  • Miller: MO-G7B8-D4B6-SP8G
  • Master Miller: MO-HSQ2-39BJ-BF24
  • Hell Master: MO-NHX3-Q63R-VDXM
  • Diamond Dogs: MO-RN57-Y3XF-RPK4

Major, Revolver Ocelot

Take on the role of a “triple agent” by donning any of these two Ocelot costumes.

  • Major Ocelot: MO-VJKN-4918-5TVV
  • Revolver Ocelot: MO-FC4L-R9PK-LMQ5

Gray Fox

Ever think that a mechanical human is cool that you would don a costume resembling a mechanized appearance?

Wish no more, Gray Fox’s, the game’s cyborg ninja, costume can provide just that.

  • Gray Fox Body: MO-TV9D-NH47-2TK1
  • Gray Fox Helmet: MO-NGSF-6K4S-3GXK

Psycho Mantis

The human anomaly that is Psycho Mantis is one of the most interesting characters in Metal Gear Solid. With a role that spans as far back as childhood until his fateful encounter with Solid Snake, PM is a major player.

With this costume, you get to dress as Psycho Mantis yourself, resembling an appearance that he was in his last life.

  • Psycho Mantis: MO-HPHF-BD78-9VDQ

Foxhound Flag

Before the Militaire Sans Frontiers and Diamond Dogs, Big Boss founded Foxhound. The same entity that brought one of his clones against him.

This is technically not a costume you could wear, but it makes for memorabilia of the franchise on your island.

  • Foxhound Flag: MO-W9X6-GWLH-YFS1

Image used courtesy of Misc Matched/YouTube Screenshot

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