Playdate initial update: accessory, new games, pre-order date, apps, and more

Developing tiny gaming handheld, Playdate.

Panic has just officially announced its first ever update for its developing handheld, Playdate.

Playdate is the latest gaming platform being developed by Panic along with Teenage Engineering. Small enough for its kind, the product is marketed as a “new, tiny handheld game system with a bunch of brand-new games”.

Uniquely Retro

However, unlike modern systems which are known for their vibrant graphics, Playdate sets itself apart by embracing the black-and-white screen. A color choice that harkens to the primitive days of gaming, but nonetheless more beautiful in other aesthetics.

Trying to stray itself away from common hardware design, the small handheld features a crank that might appear intuitive. Although common intuition would suggest that the protruding component is used for generating battery charge, it is not. Instead, the crank functions as an analog control, giving the platform a unique approach to control, especially supporting games.

Proprietary Add-on

Alone, the Playdate is an amazing piece of hardware. But its capability is significantly extended with a Bluetooth stereo dock accessory that gives it a different look and additional use. Particularly, by giving it an audio boost, a charging station, and a pen holder, making it ideal as companion to any workspace. Will-be owners who will take advantage of the gadget’s music application, Poolsuite FM, would especially consider this proprietary peripheral device.


As a gaming platform, one of the main highlights of Playdate is its slew of games. Specifically, 24 of them in total, which will be released periodically throughout the span of 12 weeks. Each will feature amazing-looking titles, but only in two colors: black and white. Yet, this only speaks for titles that are in place for Season One.

Development Kit

Being able to experience games made by experts is a great experience on its own. But Panic is not limiting the creative aspect to just the developers. Instead, it is including the users themselves, paving way for artistic pursuits. Specifically, the company will deploy an application called Pulp that will let enthusiasts build their own native-running apps or games. All it requires is a simple web browser to accomplish.

Pre-order Date and Price

Avid fans have been eager in hearing when the product will finally launch. In answering that question, Panic is announcing that Playdate will become available for pre-orders sometime next month—in July. It will cost $179, including the games. But due to perceived limited supply due to the pandemic, everyone is encouraged to make pre-orders as soon as it was made available.

Image used courtesy of Playdate

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