Players are at the ‘Golden Age of Gaming’ right now

As a gamer, it’s a good time to be alive now as the industry is at the golden age of gaming. The industry as an entertainment platform is in its best form since the ’90s.

Many believe that the golden age of gaming was in the late ’80s to early ’90s. These are the times when consoles dominated the marketplace. Even then, it’s easy to argue that everyone is in a gilded period of gaming.

Now is the best time to be a gamer

The late ’80s and ’90s were a time of nostalgia and original ideas. Nintendo dominated the markets, Sony released the Playstation, and Sega was alive. The PC gaming scene was budding, with the creation of the FPS genre.

Under rose-tinted glasses, these were the best times for gamers. Under scrutiny, however, the ’90s were more a Bronze Age than Golden Age. They were the period of discovery for much of the tech that gamers enjoy today.

The late 2010s is the real golden age, creating technologies gamers never dreamed of. Many of the titles, hardware, and software that players have today are mere pipedreams in the 90s.

Gamers now have real VR technology that allows online interaction. Instead of getting something like the Nintendo Virtual Boy, players can play VR in full color. Many of these VR options also have expansive gameplay.

The games industry is thriving

Amidst workplace toxicity and sexual abuse scandals, the games industry is thriving. AAA developers are finding their groove again with quality new IP. The likes of Godfall, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Grounded are all great titles from known studios.

Apart from AAA devs, the indie scene is also contributing to the golden age of gaming. Indie developers are making landmark titles like Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Fall Guys. Indie development has never been more robust, and a good idea can become a classic instantly.

Gamers are also at the cusp of the next-generation of gaming. A viable PC build is cheaper now more than ever. Competition for player dollars means more options and a game for every niche.

Fans can enjoy the genres and subgenres they want, whatever they are. FPS titles are available on both PC, consoles, and even mobiles. The eSports scene is thriving, and casuals are connecting with more titles.

Nobody knows how long this golden age of gaming would last. Some areas can topple everything down, from the current pandemic to bad business practices. Gamers should relish the chance right now and enjoy as much of the time as possible.

Featured image courtesy of rangizzz/Shutterstock

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