Players are baffled with the new ‘Fortnite’ glitch, could jeopardize the game

Fortnite’s storm is important as it groups players and forces them to fight. However, a new glitch removes the storm from appearing.

There have been and always will be a Fortnite glitch, but they can be disappointing when found in competitive matches.

Some glitches are funny and deserve a good laugh while others can make anyone throw out their monitors. The new Fortnite glitch falls in both categories – irritating and interesting.

Storm is gone

A Fortnite player encountered a new and unlikely glitch, which caused the storm to never arrive on the island.

There was no circle on the whole map, and even the most distant corners of the island were playable and safe from any kind of dangerous storm.

According to his post, he ran around the map for over an hour, cleared the lobby, and was searching for the last player.

However, he got tired and called it quits, which let the camper win. This strange glitch is believed to have caused by Midas messing around with the storm.

Midas is behind the glitch

After the 12.61 update, players have noticed something strange. The storm circles seem to mimic those from Warzone before shrinking to the smaller and more familiar circle.

Many players believe Midas is behind the glitch, who is attempting to stop the storm before the Doomsday event.

In another match, Reddit user woofblah captured the moments when he encountered the Fortnite glitch. After noticing that there was no circle on the map, he spent all the time collecting all of the available mythical weapons he could find.

He also reported having traveled at least 30 kilometers looking for his last opponent only to be killed by the camper at the corner of the map.

Glitches ruin the game

Unfortunately, the freedom to run around the whole island has its disadvantages. Enemies could just camp and hide forever without changing their positions. This new Fortnite glitch will result in an infinite game of hide and seek.

Luckily, Fortnite’s Season 3 was postponed again until June 11, 2020. It will allow the game’s developer’s to detect and fix these glitches and bugs before rolling out the new update for the next season.

The next season is rumored to fully feature a flooded map and will allow players to dive underwater. Players can expect a lot of additional features such as underwater shooting battles once the new update is out.

However, fans can only pray that the new update is free from devastating Fortnite glitches and bugs.

Featured image courtesy of VadeSpinez/Youtube Screenshot

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