Players can get ready for Rayquaza raid in ‘Pokemon Go Weather Week’

Pokemon Go players can charge up for the new event of Weather Week as a new Legendary Pokemon will be appearing before them.

Rayquaza will appear in the raid for the Pokemon Go Weather Week. The weather week event is going to kick start as all the players are waiting patiently for the new collection of Pokemons to appear.

Therian Forme Thundurus will continue to control the raid rotation for the said week. But now, developers have confirmed that space will also be shared by Rayquaza, who is a Sky High Pokemon. 

What will happen in the raid?

When Therian Forme Thundurus are featured in the raid rotation for the next set of weeks, players can anticipate the feature of Rayquaza as well. Rayquaza will only appear for a couple of days, so players need to watch closely as the Legendary Pokemon comes up for the match.

Rayquaza will start appearing from Saturday that is March 27th, as players can get ready for the Weather Week that is going to launch. Players will only have a limited time of over Sunday, March 28th, as the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza will again disappear on the said date.

As always, Rayquaza will appear in the five-star raids, so players will be asked to stay on the lookout for any type of five-star eggs that might be popping up in their region.

Players who will get a chance to catch Rayquaza during the Weather Week will have a possible chance of getting a Rayquaza that knows Hurricane.

More details on the raid

Rayquaza is mentioned on the game’s blog post, and it is mentioned by the Sky High Pokemon. Rayquaza is a type of Pokemon that typically thrives in the sky, and it is known to feed on the hydrogen particles which is present in the moisture of the atmosphere.

Weather Week is a perfect time for all the game players to catch a glimpse of Rayquaza.

This coming week is the follow-up to the game’s Charge Up Event, where players could catch all the electric-type Pokemons. Therian Forme Thundurus was the legendary Pokemon of this week as this Pokemon will continue to fly solo in the raid rotation until the other Legendary Pokemon is said to make an appearance in the first few weeks after the launch of the new event.

Other Pokemons that typically thrive in windy or rainy weather will also appear this week.


Image courtesy of 2Spooky/YouTube Screenshot

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