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Players complain on ‘Fortnite’ update, aim assist adjustments not available


The highly anticipated Fortnite update v12.60 is now out. This will be the last big update before Season 3 starts on June 4.

The recent Fortnite update did not contain an aim assist adjustment to address players who are having a hard time playing on a controller. The complaints come after the game was overwhelmed by the huge surge in the number of players using a controller.

Shifting to controllers

Because controllers are easy to use, most PC players have given up using their keyboards and mouse. It paved the way to controller supremacy in Fortnite’s competitive mode.

However, those who didn’t swap to controllers have complained of broken controller aim assists. The real issue is that players use controllers on the PC to take advantage of the game’s unbalanced aim assist.

It became controversial and had sparked a debate among the Fortnite community. Famous pro players such as Ninja and Tfue presented their takes on the issue after Week 2 of FNCS Invitational.

However, Epic is now open to introducing these game changes.

Another update

While the new Fortnite update will not focus much on balancing the aim assist issue, Riot Games announced when to expect the fix.

The developers told us that they are currently tuning, tweaking, and investigating the issues. Riot Games decided not to release significant controller changes in the recent Fortnite update because of the Fortnite Champion Series grand finals matches.

Releasing new features and changing mechanics right before a major competition is never a good idea. The developers did not mention an exact date for the aim assist adjustments but next week might be a possible time frame.

After being criticized for the past weeks, Fortnite developers are now working on changing its mechanics. As of the moment, no one knows what these adjustments may bring or how they will balance the aim assist.

However, Epic Games has proved once again that they do care about their fanbase’s feedback.

Significant changes in v12.60

Battle Pass

Fortnite is reminding players to complete the in-game challenges for the current Season Battle Pass. After the season ends, players can no longer access Shadow and Ghost forms for characters.

Party Royale

The new update will be featuring the arrival of the Jetpack and Grappler into the game. Riot Games also made a few adjustments to various attractions.


New wraps and skins will also be coming to Fortnite update v12.60.

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