Players found ‘Apex Legends’ exploit exposing ‘The Vault’

Players found 'Apex Legends' exploit exposing 'The Vault'

Players have discovered a new Apex Legends exploit. The new bug allows players to take items from “The Vault” without the key.

The vault was introduced back in Season 3 when the map World’s Edge was introduced. Players may unlock the vault as long as they have the key. That is where the new Apex Legends exploit came to be.

The glitch was posted on the TaylorHobbs YouTube channel. According to the YouTuber, the exploit may only be done by the legends Revenant and Pathfinder.

Apex Legends exploit: How to glitch into the vault?

There are three loot vaults in World’s Edge. There is one near the Train Station, another one near the Lava City. But this exploit is only applicable in the loot vault near the Geyser.

Here are the steps to get those sweet gold items inside the vault.

  1. Pathfinder and Revenant must be on the same team
  2. Open a game drop over the mountains at the Overlook
  3. Use Pathfinders zipline to reach the other side of the mountain
  4. Climb over the area where the bunker is visible
  5. Use Pathfinders ultimate to cross the area
  6. Carefully jump over the lava area.
  7. Place Revenant’s Totem on a tiny area
  8. Use Revenant’s ultimate and fall of the map
  9. Players will be resurrected inside the loot vault
  10. Grab all the gold items needed

There are a lot of steps that need to be taken to do the glitch. It is impossible to pull this off inside a regular game.

Apex Legends exploit require Pathfinder and Revenant

Is this glitch game-breaking?

The short answer is no. This exploit is a very high risk with no reward kind of play.

There are a lot of cargo boxes floating across the map to obtain a vault key. These cargo boxes have a legend that screams, “I have a vault key.” Just shoot these boxes, and it is good to go.

Another thing worth mentioning is it is a one-way ticket. The uploader stated at the video that players may not exit the Vault unless it is opened on the other side.

This implies two scenarios. First, an enemy team arrives with the key and opens the vault. Second, players using the glitch will die by the circle.

The first scenario may also mean instant death to glitch users. Doing the exploit risks, not having a gun or any equipment at all. The vault offers rare items but there are no weapons inside.

There are better ways to get the items inside the vault. Players may use Loba’s ultimate at the cost of triggering the alarm. Lastly, just wait for the cargo bot. It is easier and safer that way.

Bugs and glitches appear now and then. However, Respawn patches things up quickly, especially if it is game-breaking.

This new Apex Legends exploit been out for three days now. It will get patched anytime soon. But it might not be the priority. Respawn may even leave it there as another easter egg.

Images used courtesy of Apex Legends/Origin, Apex Legends/EA

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