Players report massive ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ crash on Xbox

Minecraft Dungeons players are reporting that their game is crashing on their Xbox console. The crash only affects the Xbox platform.

Video games crashing are not entirely rare. These crashes are fairly common, especially on new and online games. Recently, such a problem is reportedly plaguing a lot of Minecraft Dungeons players on Xbox.

Crash to desktop

Gamers are reporting massive incidents of “crash to desktop” events. This happens when a game abruptly crashes back into the user’s desktop. This problem is prevalent in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It appears that the same bug is also plaguing the recently released dungeon crawler Minecraft Dungeons. The game, from prominent developer Mojang Studios, hit the shelves just recently. Since the game is relatively new, the massive crash reports did not surprise many.

It is a frustrating bug that can result in countless hours of progress suddenly just disappear. Even more distressing is the fact that Microsoft owns both Xbox and Mojang Studios. Gamers expect that the game should be well-polished since development is done organically.

The real culprit behind the crash is still unknown. Moreover, it appears that neither Microsoft nor Mojang has acknowledged that it exists. Some claim that the crash might be due updates not being downloaded.

One of the most common occurrences that trigger the crash is when a second player joins a local co-op game. A handful of gamers note that the game crashes only if the second player signs in as a guest. Some gamers report that the game also crashes when resuming it from Xbox One standby mode.

Workaround to fix the crash

Since Microsoft has yet to release a patch, some gamers try to create a workaround to fix the issue. Some are able to fix the issue by simply restarting their Xbox console.

If the restart does not work, logging out of the Xbox account and logging back again seems to do the trick. However, the particular trick does not appear to work all of the time.

Perhaps the most effective workaround is simply updating the console. Most new games require the latest hardware drivers, and this usually requires an update. Experts suggest that updating the Xbox console is what fixes the issue completely.

Microsoft has yet to comment on whether there is an underlying issue about these Minecraft Dungeons crashes. Some suggest that if the issue persists, contacting Microsoft’s help desk is the optimal recourse.

Image courtesy of Hello I’m Nik/Unsplash

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