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Players trend #RIPFortnite to catch Epic Games’ attention


There’s an uproar on Twitter with the Fortnite players. Recently, #RIPFortnite has been trending, and it’s not because Epic Games has put an end to the game.

Epic Games’ Fortnite is receiving quite a backlash these days. The online video game title is not ending, but some players feel that its developers have taken less interest in maintaining Fortnite.

Players have taken their grievances to social media to air it out and for Epic Games to take notice. Hence, the rise of #RIPFortnite on Twitter.

One of the notable tweets reveals that having this hashtag trend will somehow catch the video game company’s attention. It’s an online protest to hopefully get Epic Games to do something about Fortnite’s gameplay.

Fortnite players’ unattended concerns

Most online video games have had its fair share of issues. In fact, a lot of game servers have been going down lately.

However, what Fortnite is facing is not the usual in-game issue. The issue revolves around its players’ unattended concerns.

Fortnite was a massive hit when Epic Games released it in 2017. It became an epitome of Battle Royale. Its user-based community grew and strengthened over time, with the help of famous streamers as well.

With most of the community now unhappy with the direction of the game, they’re reaching out to its developers to take a U-turn.

Many have been calling out to fix the game. By that, they mean to bring the old gameplay back.

One of the famous streamers of Fortnite, SypherPK, recently released a video on his YouTube channel. He talked about a summary of the issues that all the players are having.

SypherPK described Fortnite‘s current situation by saying, “It’s never been as bad as it’s been right now. The pro players are upset, the content players are upset. ”

In fact, he mentioned that the overall community vibe, including the casual content creators and the competitive players, is bad right now.

SypherPK enumerates a few issues

In the streamer’s video, he mentioned that he feels like there’s no right communication from Epic Games.

The developers allegedly announced that there might be no new competitive content to be released as they try to fix the servers. This made many streamers happy as there were a lot of server issues going on with the game lately.

However, to SypherPK’s surprise, new competitive contents were released the following week, and it only worsened the servers.

Ali Hassan, the streamer’s real name, mentioned that the tournaments have been on “very laggy servers” and a lot of syncing issues.

There was a time when Fortnite would launch new events at the beginning of each season, and another batch of events for the season finale.

Ali noted that the last in-game filled event that Fortnite launched was during the promotion of Star Wars.

Slowly, famous streamers are moving away from Fortnite. As SypherPK noted, all the others have moved to either Valorant or Warzone.

Epic Games has not issued any announcement or press release to address this issue. There might be an urgency to do so, considering the imminent scare of its user-based community.

With other competitive battle royale games being launched, Epic Games might already have something in store.

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