Playing ‘Serious Sam 4’ smoothly would require an eight-core processor

Serious Sam 4 trailer snapshot

With as many as 10,000 enemies appearing on screen at the same time, the developers of Serious Sam 4 are recommending players to enjoy the game on a relatively beefy PC—one that runs on an 8-core processor, at least.

Originally announced for release on August 2020, the game was pushed back for Sept. 24, 2020. Like many games that were slated to launch this year, Serious Sam 4 belongs to a case of delayed-release due to the ongoing pandemic.

But before seeing a launch to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game will see timed exclusivity with Google Stadia and PC. Leaving current-gen console gamers having to wait until early next year to enjoy the game on their respective platforms.

Monsters by the Thousands

Fans of the franchise would attribute Serious Sam as an arcade first-person shooter, involving hordes of monsters. Obviously drawing inspiration from previous titles that bear similar gameplay, such as Doom. But, in Serious Sam 4, the game is taking the idea of monster armies to a new height as it introduces a game mode called “Legion”.

As premised, this mode will see players facing numerous enemies by the thousands, which would demand so much from the hardware. Logically-speaking, the best way to enjoy such experience would indeed be with a powerful enough rig to run it smoothly.

However, that is only in the best-case scenario. In another case, the game would still run on a computer with a CPU whose core counts are relatively fewer. But not lower than four as to make a substantially playable gaming experience.

That is, however, merely oversimplifying it. As any PC enthusiast would know, there is more to gaming than just counting cores for optimum performance. There also other hardware components to consider, too. Such as the graphics card, which is more so a concern than a CPU in gaming, and RAM.

Modern Problem, Modern Solution

At the best-case scenario, the best performance would come from PC users with real beefy specifications. That is to say, a CPU that has as much cores possible, a high-end GPU, and a RAM bigger than 8Gb.

Anyone who is thinking of upgrading their rig, however, should consider doing so around mid to late October. As this is a time when next-gen PC components are coming, which means making current-gen parts significantly cheaper. Or, if money is not a concern, giving you options for the best possible parts that money can buy.

Worthy of note are Nvidia’s 3rd-generation RTX graphics cards and AMD’s 4th-generation Ryzen CPUs.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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