Playing solo in ‘Gotham Knights’ not causing anyone to “miss on anything”

Gotham Knights - Official World Premiere Trailer snapshot

The recent revelations surrounding Gotham Knights is enough to stir speculation of what the game would be like. With a gameplay that highlights local co-op mode, many cannot help but think that playing with a friend is the best way to enjoy the game.

But if both the senior producer and creative director of Gotham Knights are to be heeded, there isn’t anything to miss out on should they choose to play solo throughout the game’s campaign. The statement is extracted from IGN’s interview with Fleur Marty and Patrick Redding, respectively, regarding the issue on solo and co-op play.

Senior Producer Speaks

Speaking directly to Marty, he was asked as to whether a solo play is allowed or co-op is compulsory. To which he responded as follows:

“Yes, absolutely,” giving an answer to the question involving solo play. “You can also completely experience [the game] in solo if you want to, you’re not going to miss out on anything,” he added.

The idea of solo play has become a vague term in recent years. No thanks in part with the advent of the internet. This notion inevitably raises a concern as to whether or not solo play would also denote offline play. A question which the producer answered by saying, “If you’re playing single player, you can be offline if you want to.”

As it appears, the notion for solo, offline play comes by giving individual players the chance to enjoy the game by themselves. All while not downplaying the benefit that comes with playing co-op with a friend, saying: “We think that teaming up and living that dynamic duo fantasy can be also a really great experience for players, but we won’t force it on them.”

Creative Director in Talk

Complementing Marty’s statement, Redding added that a certain imposed limitation on the co-op mode has paved the way for narratives that fit in both modes.

“Focusing more on the idea of the immediate team-up of two allowed us to say, ‘OK, we can build a world that works perfectly well for either solo play or pairing off.'”

There is no doubt that playing cooperatively and locally with a friend has its distinct perks on its own. But in situations where the idea is simply not feasible, to imposed a mandatory co-op play could just be game-breaking.

It is certainly not fun having to drag a playmate around just to enjoy a game that you could otherwise do in your lonesome.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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