PlayStation 4 games getting performance upgrades ahead of PlayStation 5 release

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 is set to launch next month and players are undoubtedly excited about it. However, it seems like Sony isn’t going to let the PlayStation 4 and its games lag behind just yet as per recent reports.

After the long wait, Sony’s anticipated PlayStation 5 finally launches next month. While they are busy adding the final touches to the console, Sony’s developers are busy with something else. Players might have noticed a few improvements in their games.

Load times now better

According to some eagle-eyed fans. Sony has been secretly upgrading their first-party titles. Most notably, the games are getting better load times. One of the most recent games to get an upgrade is The Last of Us Remastered. As per some tests, the initial load screen now lasts just 14 seconds. It’s a 70% upgrade from previous loading times.

It’s not just that game that got the upgrade. As per some players, Until Dawn now as virtually no loading screens anymore. However, this remains to be unproven as of now.

Throughout the weeks, Sony has apparently been secretly upgrading other titles. These include God of War and God of War 3 remastered. While the changes aren’t exactly that big, it’s good to see Sony upping these games despite being years old already.

What’s with the upgrades?

Sony is yet to reveal why they are upgrading their own games. However, rumors suggest that Sony is simply preparing these games for the backwards compatibility feature in the PlayStation 5. It would be awful to play these games on the next generation of consoles and have them load for a long time.

The next console of Sony will be compatible with almost every PlayStation 4 game except for a few. In fact, there are only 10 games that won’t be backwards compatible. There aren’t any first-party titles or AAA games on the list.

Fans are hoping that there will be other upgrades when playing PlayStation 4 games on the next generation of consoles. Ghost of Tsushima is getting a few upgrades but that’s what we’ve seen so far. It’s likely that other Sony titles will be getting these as well.

These slight changes will certainly make these titles more enjoyable to the players. Hopefully, these games translate well into the PlayStation 5 with backwards compatibility. While small, these changes are much appreciated as it shows that Sony still has work to do with the PlayStation 4.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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