PlayStation 5 Black Edition’s dramatic concept design revealed


Sony unveiled the hardware design of the PlayStation 5, which comprises a white and black design to match perfectly with the new controller that will be included in the box.

A PlayStation 5 Black Edition concept design video has been posted on YouTube by graphic designer Snoreyn (Giuseppe Spinelli). The clip shows precisely what many gamers would like it to be for Christmas this year.

It’s already been stated that there will be custom PS5 game consoles. However, Sony could do little wrong by also mass-producing a black version.

Dramatic Concept Design of the PS5 Black Edition

As reported by Notebook Check, the new concept design released by Snoreyn proves that a PS5 Black Edition needs to be in the works. The surprisingly dramatic video clip is copied from the official Sony reveal of the PlayStation 5 hardware from a few weeks ago.

Like the Xbox Series X original design, the most awaited game console PS5 stands vertically and will include two versions: one with a 4K Blu-ray drive and a pure Digital Edition. This is a very extreme variant that will surely excite all gamers! The PS5 models without the optical drive look substantially thinner than the older model, thanks to the removal of the drive.

Releasing the Black Edition of the PlayStation 5 on the market seems like a “no-brainer” decision for the company, and it would be remarkable if they did not issue such hardware at some point, possibly even in time for Christmas. There are still a lot of surprises in store for fans, and Sony might release a custom edition and the fact that a black variant of the console could feature as part of any upcoming more significant revelations.

PlayStation 5 Black Edition Release Date and Price

Sony has been slowly giving more information about its next-generation PS5 in recent months. As mentioned by Amazon France lists, the release date for the 5th edition of PlayStation is on November 20, 2020, in the middle of the holiday shopping season, and one week before Black Friday.

The first two PlayStations before the 5th gen were around $299, with the PS3 at $499 and the PS4 at $399. So, the suspicious price for the upcoming PS5 black edition is at roughly $499. There’s no news on the PS5 black version’s exact price. Still, it seems logical to assume that the two PS5 consoles will command different price points, with the Digital Edition likely being a bit cheaper compared to the Standard Edition.

Featured image courtesy of photocritical/Shutterstock

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