PlayStation 5 is not backwards compatible with PS1, PS2, and PS3

Sony PlayStation 5 console

Early words about the successor to the PlayStation 4 has been met with high expectations. The hype is even heightened up when reports appeared citing what appears to be a possibility of the PlayStation 5 being backwards compatible. One extending as far as the PS1.

Which, if true, would see the PlayStation 5 as having the most expansive library of games, transcending older generations.

PS4 Only

One of the most telling of rumors is that of a patent that surfaced online, suggesting the PlayStation 5’s inherent capability to mimic another system. As it turns out, this system-emulation capability does not involve PlayStation systems older than the PS4.

The confirmation comes directly from PlayStation’s CEO and president, Jim Ryan, who gave the answer to Famitsu in an interview.

In giving an explanation to his answer, Ryan claims that the decision comes with the need to focus on the other aspect of the hardware. Particularly, an added emphasis on the development of the DualSense controller and the type of SSD that it will employ.

99 Percent Backwards Compatibility

True enough, Sony has openly admitted that the PlayStation 5 has massive support of PS4’s library. Jim Ryan even stating that as many as 99 percent of the overall library being playable in it. Which games consist of those remaining 1 percent are, however, is left for debate.

In light of the revelation of the backwards compatibility of the PS4 on PS5, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus Collection. A subscription service that grants users access to 18 of PS4’s beloved titles, including exclusive ones. Which, as it appears, might be targeted towards will be owners of the PS5 Digital Edition.

To those who are out of the loop, the PlayStation 5 will see release in two variations. One being the regular edition which comes complete with a disc tray. Another being the aforementioned Digital Edition, which mimics Microsoft’s Xbox Series/One S as a digital-only platform. Without the capability to run physical discs, the PS5 Digital Edition will be heavily reliant on the PlayStation Network for a digital download of games.

As disappointing as the idea of PS4-only backwards compatibility for many, the PS5 remains a better console than the PS4. The latter of which being a case of not having backwards compatibility at all. Subsequently, pushing for re-releases of existing PS3 titles in the form of “Definitive Edition”. Worse is the fact that such re-launches were given at full price.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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